We’re Really Flying High

Hi there.  Really, we are flying high – like between the moon and New York City Lexington and Ohio.  I am headed back to the South, and Jordan is going on a business trip.  Somehow, we ended up on the same flight for our first leg of the trip, and I didn’t even know she would be traveling the same day that I left.  I guess it’s karma or something like that.

Blog - We're Really Flying High


So, please s’cuse us for not having a big post today.  We have been so knee-deep in paint and projects in Syracuse that we didn’t plan ahead enough to get a post written. – Bad Bloggers!!


Blog 2 - We're Really Flying High

Meanwhile, enjoy some of Jordan’s random Pinterest pins.


Pin 31 - We're Really Flying High



Pin 41 - We're Really Flying High(Source)


Kailua Beach - We're Really Flying High(Source)


Bathroom - We're Really Flying High(Source)

Backporch - We're Really Flying High(Source)

Vintage stove - We're Really Flying High


We’ll be back tomorrow with a peek at my gallery wall.

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Take care.