Girl Power

Mr. Spring has a tool bucket that he carries around the house when he works on projects.  I was always digging through and searching for a screw driver,  measuring tape, or other simple tools I needed  to work on my to-do list.  So, at Christmas one of the gifts that Mr. Spring Santa gave me was my own bucket full of all kinds of power tools that I can use when doing my DIY projects.  Let’s call it my Girl Power Bucket.


Tool Bucket

Mr. Spring has an orange bucket, and to make my different and recognizable, he primed and painted a five-gallon bucket in my favorite color – yellow.



It has all the things I need, like a big girl hammer, box cutter, utility scissors, measurer, and hot pink duct tape.



It also contains clamps, sand paper, staples and more interesting scissors.



 I also have a great hammer stapler, wire cutters, protective gear for my eyes and ears, screw drivers, driver bits in different shapes and sizes and even a carpenter’s pencil.

Mom and  I are trying our best to come up with projects so that we can use every tool in the kit while we are waiting for the kitchen cabinets’ paint to dry and cure.  The big kitchen cabinet reveal will be next week, but I think you’ll like what we did in our down time.  We’ll be sharing those results this week.   We think you’ll be impressed.  Heck, we’ve impressed ourselves!!!

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    This is a great gift idea! We have the important tools hidden throughout the house for use at a moment’s notice – in a kitchen drawer, in the entryway, in an upstairs drawer, in the basement and in the garage. Our go-to tools – hammer, a few varieties of nails, tape measure and a level. It seems silly to have them all over, but we use them all the time and we never have to go searching for the right tool.