Frame a Thermostat

 Hello from Syracuse where it isn’t as cold or snowy as it should be.  Jordan and I have been busy painting her kitchen cabinets.  When I got here she had already done the hard work – sanding, cleaning, and priming.  I get to help with the best part – the painting.


We have to wait at least 16 hours between applications, so we decided to put those hours to work.  After seeing a disguise for a wall thermostat on Pinterest, we decided to do the same thing on her Carrier (I want to mention the brand because Syracuse is the company’s home) controller.


Frame close up before 1024x911 - Frame a Thermostat

This is what the control looks like undressed.  To its advantage,  it is on the edge of the wall, rather than in the middle like so many thermostats.  We felt like it needed to be dressed up a little –  kind of like “I know I don’t look it, but I’m really cool” look.



Frame 1024x1009 - Frame a Thermostat

While waiting for the paint to dry, we made our rounds, and one of the stops was Hobby Lobby.  We picked up this sweet little white frame.



Frame cutting 1024x682 - Frame a Thermostat

Jordan removed the back with a box cutter.  (Notice the paint on her work pants?  The cabinets are the white in the upper left).



Frame hammering 1024x682 - Frame a Thermostat

After a bit of positioning, she pounded in the nail…….

Frame your thermostat

…..And almost instantly (well, really it took us 30 minutes to get it lined up), it was dressed up.    How cute is that!!!!



Frame extra close up 788x1024 - Frame a Thermostat


What a beautiful specimen of a wall mounted infinity system it became.    This is so easy for you to try at home, and it might just be a conversation starter.

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Take care.


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  1. Pondside says

    Very clever! We did something similar with the electrical panel in a new addition on our house, covered it with a framed print. Perfect!

  2. says

    That looks great! I am looking at mine right now, and it needs a frame too 🙂 Have fun together, I wish my daughter was here or I were in Tennessee!

    ps…my prize arrived! Thank you!

  3. says

    Love it! What a fun way to dress it up! I’ve been wanting to do something to cover up ours for a while, but I keep waiting until our unit dies and we replace it with a nice digital one.