What Is Your House’s Walk Score?

When we decided to sell our family home in the burbs and buy a townhouse in town, one of our considerations was the walk score of our new place.

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What’s that, you ask.  It is a score based on the walkability of the neighborhood you live in based on how it affects the environment, your health, and your billfold.  The premise is that if you are in an area that is close to stores, restaurants, parks, theaters, medical centers, etc. you will be more likely to walk to them rather than drive to them.  This will affect the amount of pollution you contribute to the environment with your car, the amount of exercise you get, and the amount of money you spend for the upkeep of your car and the gas it needs.


DSCF1893 1024x768 - What Is Your House's Walk Score?We now live across from this historic city park.


A website, www.walkscore.com has been created, and just by typing in your address, you can determine your walk score.  One hundred is the top score you can get.



DSCF0727 768x1024 - What Is Your House's Walk Score?If your home has a high walk score, sometimes you can hop on your bike and get to your destination even faster.


For instance, our former house had a walk score of 43 out of 100.  Not so great.  In fact, it flunks.  Our new place, (we move in three weeks) has a walk score of 86.  That is a great improvement.  Lexington’s average score is 49, which is really low.


DSCF0059 1024x768 - What Is Your House's Walk Score?This was our home in the burbs.


Jordan’s house is located in a charming neighborhood in the city of Syracuse, NY, and her walk score is 51.  That isn’t so great.  Syracuse beats Lexington on its average, though, with a score of 69.  I know that Jordan and Mr. Spring are constantly walking to events at the nearby university, bought snow shoes to deal with the winter storms they had this year, and just ordered cruiser bikes for going to work and for their errands.  So, despite what their score says, they are living as if it is higher.


House after 1 1024x682 - What Is Your House's Walk Score?Jordan’s house is within walking distance of Syracuse University.


Let’s look at some popular locations and check out their scores:

Time Square Parade 800 - What Is Your House's Walk Score?

Times Square’s walk score is 100.

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The walk score for the famous “Painted Ladies” houses in San Francisco is 92.


BradyBunchHouse - What Is Your House's Walk Score?

Recognize this iconic exterior?  It’s the Brady Bunch’s house.  Their walk score is 83.


TrumpTower 002 - What Is Your House's Walk Score?

I am surprised on this one.  Trump Tower’s walk score is only 97.  I say only because I am surprised, with the prices they cost, that the score isn’t over 100.  Afterall, doesn’t Donald Trump do everything over the top?



White House Tours

And last, but not least, the most popular address is the country did not score a perfect 100.  Nope, the White House weighs in at 97.

I hope you enjoyed learning about walk scores.  Now, it”s your turn.  Go to www.walkscore.com and look up your score.  Be sure to let us know what it is.

Take care.


Images not already identified were taken from Google, Tristantom.com, Gary Wayne at Seeing-Stars, and Destination 360.


  1. says

    This was interesting! I’ve never heard of a walk score before, so of course I had to check it out. Guess what? I think I have the lowest score of anyone out there! lol! It was ZERO! lolol! We live way out in the country on 12 acres, so we have to drive to get anywhere. But it’s soooo worth it! Peace and quiet rule! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  2. says

    I love the walk score concepts. All of your dwellings look terrific. This year I’m stretching my blog legs and starting a new weekend link party. Your 2 seasons of life would be great to hear about what you do to recharge your creative spirit on the weekend. Please join me! Cj

  3. says

    Our score is 69 but like Jordan, we in effect increase it through walking. Actually, I’m a bit surprised it isn’t higher…I walk to work (less than 3/4 miles) and I work downtown, where there is everything…coffee shops, restaurants, banks, library etc. We also walk to the university for events (different direction). Definitely a surprise.

  4. Elaine in Ark says

    My score is 17. I thought it was low until I read the other comments.

    I live in a rural area. When I retire, I’m planning to live in town to be closer to everything.