Ralph Lauren’s Christmas Table


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Ralph Lauren’s Thanksgiving table (here) that I saw in New York City during a recent visit.  Well, lucky for me, I visited the store twice – on a Tuesday and on a Thursday.  By Thursday the table had morphed into the Christmas table.  I am pleased to share photos of it today.


DSCF2616 1024x800 - Ralph Lauren's Christmas Table

The look and feel of the table was very similar.  He kept the same wicker chairs and used another plaid blanket as the table cloth.  The black watch plaid seems more Christmasy than the brown plaid he used before.  He switched out the antler/candle/fruit center piece for some flowers.


DSCF2617 1024x768 - Ralph Lauren's Christmas Table

I love that he topped a faux leather charger with animal print plates, and it works!  Only Ralph and his staff could get away with making something that brings a safari to mind work for December 25.


DSCF2622 1024x768 - Ralph Lauren's Christmas Table

The little plaid box holds one of his candles.  I know this because I bought one, and the fragrance is outstanding.  How many of you would think to put plaid with plaid with a leopard print???


DSCF2621 1024x768 - Ralph Lauren's Christmas Table

He brought in some equestrian with the same stirrup napkin rings that he used in the Thanksgiving table, but the linen napkins were a lighter shade and more neutral.


DSCF2620 1024x768 - Ralph Lauren's Christmas Table

He also used the same crystal goblets.  See, even RL doesn’t have a completely new look for every table.  And take a look at the cache pot that was holding the center piece.  It worked because……..


DSCF2618 1024x768 - Ralph Lauren's Christmas Table

…the flowers were red and were mixed in with greenery.  This and the little plaid box were the only things on the table that were in red and green Christmas colors, but the whole table screamed HOLIDAY.  Note that he also used crystal candle holders and a crystal pitcher because he could have used silver to tie in with the flatware and napkin rings.


DSCF2625 1024x768 - Ralph Lauren's Christmas Table

Isn’t it a beautiful arrangement?


DSCF26191 1024x926 - Ralph Lauren's Christmas Table

Now here is something we probably wouldn’t do at home.  He changed out the light to go with the table.  See the equestrian-like leather straps and horse shoes?  Very cool.


DSCF26161 1024x800 - Ralph Lauren's Christmas Table

Since the pesky sales clerk wasn’t following me around that day, I was able to take photos of the sitting room and a bedroom.  I will be sharing those rooms with you soon.

Take care.



  1. says

    I’m a huge fan of Ralph Lauren’s designs. Thanks for sharing this and the Thanksgiving tablescapes. So many great ideas to “borrow”.

  2. says

    I love everything Ralf Lauen does. This table I love the rose center piece and of course the plaid table cloth, and the crystal. Thanks for sharing. Pat

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing more of the Ralph Lauren tables. Love the blue plaid linen. I’ll look forward to more photos. I miss our Ralph Lauren store that we once had. It was like walking into a gorgeous home. Now we have a small boutique.
    Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah

  4. says

    So delighted you were able to share this with us.. I love his look and I love love the tartan plaid on the table.. so many perfect touches.. xo marlis

  5. says

    Great pictures and narrative. I love when bloggers take the time to tell a story. RL use of layers, beginning with the plaid blanket, and evoking a safari theme in Christmas is what makes him GREAT. Thanks for sharing. ~CJ

  6. FABBY says

    Beautiful tablescape by RL, yeah, I too love his things. Great plaid blaket for a tablescape and pretty dishes too. Thank you for the story and for sharing with us. Merry Christmas.

  7. says

    Amazing! I’ve always loved anything Ralph, and that china is to die for!! I was just in NY, sorry I missed this, but thanks for bringing it to us via blogland. Yes, the arrangement is just gorgeous. And the plaid is great for a RL Christmas!! Merry Christmas!–Betsy

  8. says

    Isn’t it amazing what a wonderful table you can do when you have all the right stuff. As with most RL designs, this is classic. Thanks for sharing.