Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards to Make

It’s Wednesday which means we are on the third day (go here and here to see what we have already done) of sharing some Thanksgiving entertaining ideas that have worked really well for us.  We wrote about today’s idea back in 2011, but since so many of you didn’t read our blog back then, we are sharing it again today.  It involves vintage postcards, but if you don’t have any, you can get some old post card graphics here that will work just as well.



Jordan and I love vintage post cards, and we have a good selection for most of the major holidays.  I love the art work and colors on old Thanksgiving post cards so much that I decided to make place cards with them.


This is my favorite.



They take me back to the time when we really did go over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house.



Some are whimsical and some are serious.



The hand-writing is beautiful.



The dates range form 1911 to 1915.  Notice the postage to mail this card was one penny.



I took them to the copy store and had colored copies made.  Because of their age, there was no problem with copyright laws.   I could have had them made smaller, but I decided to copy them in their original size.



I applied contact paper to both sides and then cut them out.  An easier method would be to have them laminated while at the copy store.



After punching a hole in each one, I attached them to napkins with a suede string.  Another option would be to have the post cards copied to a 4 x 6 inch size and put them in little frames at each table setting.  They worked perfectly and are an instant conversation starter.



I like the way the brown ink blends in with the leaves on this place card.



If you use place cards, it will eliminate some last minute confusion and give you some control over the table dynamics.  To keep the conversation interesting at a gathering like Thanksgiving, the way you seat people is important.  Experts suggest that it should be man, woman, man, woman, etc., and couples should not sit next to one another.  Also, put a lively guest beside a shy one.

I hope you will be able to put your own spin on some DIY place cards.


Take care.

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    Those are so unique. I love that they are vintage. We don’t do place cards. Just grab a plate from where you want to sit.