Guest Room Reveal

Author: Autumn (Janette)

Since we are all scrambling around to prep our homes for the big holiday, I decided it is a good time to reveal how our guest room turned out after our big remodel.  (Warning – You might o.d. on too many photos).

Ironically, it is one of the first rooms I finished decorating, but one of the last to be introduced to you.


DSCF0870 1024x768 - Guest Room Reveal

This is what the guest room looked like shortly after we closed on the property.  The only thing we kept in here (and one of the few things that we kept from the previous owner) is the built-in shelves.  However, we changed the hardware.   It will be a good baby-changing station if/when we ever become grandparents.


DSCF0869 1024x768 - Guest Room Reveal

This is the opposite end of the room.  That closet and the window area were gutted and enclosed and became the laundry room.


DSCF0868 1024x768 - Guest Room Reveal

That door opened into the guest room, but it has been replaced by a frosted pocket door which now opens into the laundry room.  By the way, that moon light, the too-light hardwoods, and the two small railing are also history.  Did I mention it was a total gut job?

IMG 4399 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

Here is it.  The architect suggested we build new closets near the bath, which we did.  We painted it a cheery yellow that changes throughout the day.  This room gets the morning sun and over looks the park.

IMG 4402 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

 The blue chair on the back wall is sitting where we added the wall to partition off the laundry room.

IMG 1129 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

Everything in this room, except two pillows, were used in some place in our last house.  I will tell you the deets.

IMG 1133 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

This chair was once in our previous kitchen beside the fireplace and in Mr. Autumn’s office, in another fabric.  We had it custom-made for him, but he hardly has sat in it.

IMG 1134 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

This pine drop-leaf table was in our family room.  The trunk under it was in the guest room.

IMG 1135 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

This tray came with a goodie basket last Christmas.  It had legs, but I removed them.

IMG 1136 972x1024 - Guest Room Reveal

I bought these little paper mache people in Mexico.  They were on the shelves in our library.

IMG 1137 1016x1024 - Guest Room Reveal

The oil painting came from a street sale that a local antique store was having.  I think it must have been painted by someone in art class since it is so basic.  It was in our last dining room.

IMG 1138 1024x832 - Guest Room Reveal

My mother made this hip basket.  It you turn it upside down, it looks like hips.  It was on our back porch before.

IMG 1139 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

This chevron pillow………..

IMG 1140 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

and this floral pillow are the only two new things in the room.  I made them while we were remodeling.

IMG 1156 1024x748 - Guest Room Reveal

This little wicker chest is a perfect night stand.  It was in my master closet.  The little ballerina painting on top of it hung over my bed when I was a little girl.  The lamp, which Mr. Autumn bought in Singapore was in our living room.

IMG 1131 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

I love these old Wedgewood plates.  They were over the dining room fireplace in our last house.  Every time I look at this photo, I think of my son-in-law.

IMG 1132 1024x922 - Guest Room Reveal

He doesn’t get the “plates on the wall as art” thing.  It makes me smile.

IMG 1153 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

This is a prayer rug that we bought in Turkey.  If you notice the point, it must face east when the Muslims pray.  It was in our last powder room.  (Those white marks are the sun’s reflection – go figure).

IMG 11521 1024x681 - Guest Room Reveal

Here’s the last peak.  I once had the mirror in the living room.

I think that is enough for one day.  Soon I will give you a look at the shelves and how I accessorized them, with the help of The Lone Rearranger.

Take care.

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  1. says

    Oh wow! What a wonderful transformation! I LOVE how every single thing in the room has a story/memory attached. Did I read that right that your mother made that basket? That’s amazing! Also, my confidence is bolstered by your pillows. I bought some pretty fabric to try making my own. I love seeing that everyone else does…makes me believe I can do it, too. Thanks for sharing! -Teresa

  2. says

    room looks wonderful! Stopping by from bnotp and wanted to see what you have shared. Hope you’ll stop by homehaven.

    The built in book shelf is a great feature to keep and have in the room. Awesome storage space.

  3. carolyn rasnick says

    The first picture looked like the walls were peach and then after that, they became various shades of yellow. I’m sure they look all different at different times of day!
    Thanks for the close up of Kentucky Homes and Gardens magazine in the hip basket! Every home should have one or two copies at least as a home accessory!!! LOL

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing your favorites. I have been looking for something to clean our windows byt the pool and glass cleaners just won’t dissolve the pool water that the polaris shoots on them so I am going to try vinegar next……Christine