Make Your Own Drawer Liners

I recently purchased a dark pine hutch (see it here), and I promised to show an update when we finished changing the hardware and lining the drawers.

Dresser inside close up

Evidently, the hutch was built in or around 1976 because the drawers were lined with colonial soldiers, the Liberty Bell, candles, scrolls and old flags.


Dresser Fabric of choice

I found this great, colorful paisley fabric and decided it would be a cute drawer liner, but it would take a little work.


Dresser products

I wanted the draw liners to be durable which required  fabric stiffener and spray starch.


Dresser stiffy stuff

 The first step was to mix the stiffener with some water.

Dresser in solution

Then I submerged the fabric into the stiffener/water solution.  If I were to do this again, I would have cut the fabric to fit the drawers first.   Then it wouldn’t have been so cumbersome to work with.  I also would have used less water in the solution.


Dresser fabric drying

I spread the fabric out on our drying rack to air dry.  Then I ironed it using lots of spray starch so it would be nice and coated.


DIY Drawer Liners

Dresser liner 1

Doesn’t it look cute?


DIY Drawer Liners

It has a nice 60’s vibe to it.  I almost hate to put things in the drawers and cover the liners.

The next big transformation involved changing the pulls.


After we finished phase one, I just reattached the original hardware that I had spray painted with ORB.  We thought it looked too early American, though and knew we would have to update them to make the hutch look truly transformed.


Dresser close up new handles

Because the width of some of the old hardware was 3 inches and some was 3 3/4 inches, it was more difficult to find hardware that would fit both sizes.  They were either one size or the other.


Dresser handle close up

But we found this style at Home Depot that actually had both size options in each handle.  However, they were stainless, and we were using the original hinges which had already been sprayed with ORB.


Dresser finished 2

So, I sprayed the new pulls with ORB, and the problem was solved.

Hutch Before

This is a web photo of what the hutch looked like when we found it at the Salvation Army store and paid just $129. for it.

Dresser finished

After removing spindles and scalloped edges, applying four coats of paint, waxing, finding the right hardware, spray painting it and attaching it (whew!), this is what it looks like today.  All I need to do now is find the right accessories for it.


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  1. says

    Wow! What an amazing transformation! You really did a great job updating the hutch. Love the oil rubbed bronze hardware, it looks so good against the white. The original drawer liner is pretty cool, but the new liner is so fun & funky 🙂

  2. donna says

    Looks fantastic. I had to look back at the original photo to see where the spindles and scalloped edges were. That subtle change was a great call. Now you have a great looking functional hutch with snazzy drawer lining. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jeannette says

    Just found your blog. What a terrific idea your Mother/Daughter blog! I love it.

    You’ve done a fabulous job on this hutch. Looks like a totally different piece of furniture.

  4. Norma says

    What a wonderful job you did.It looks fantastic.I really like the handles that you put on,also the liners,so colorful looking.

  5. says

    Wow, the hutch transformation is awesome, Jordan! It never ceases to amaze me what some paint will do. That is such a cute & clever idea for the drawer liners, too!