Lunch – Syracuse Style

Author:  Spring (Jordan)

Here in Syracuse, we have a nearby world-famous food establishment – Heid’s Hot Dogs.  It is located in Liverpool and was founded in 1917.   They have their own hot dog recipe that people from all over come to savor.


Recently when my parents and grandmother were in town, we stopped in for our lunch during an outing.


Although my parents ate here during their cross-country bicycle trip a few years ago, this was my first visit.


The architecture is very retro and deco.


They have a huge menu.


But their  hot dogs are their claim to fame.


They have a few different blends, and as far as I know, they are secrets.  So, we don’t have a recipe for you today – just pictures of food.


I had a sea dog, which was like a giant fish stick.  I don’t eat the preservatives that go along with processed meats.


We all agreed that our visit to Heid’s was a fun way to enjoy a casual lunch together.


We were not paid to promote Heid’s.  We are just fans.


  1. says

    This place looks so cool! I love the retro vibe. We ate at this place in Hawaii called Puka Dog. They have this bun toaster that looks basically like one long curling iron. They stick that iron inside the bun and toast it from the inside out. It is so insanely good! They also have lots of unique toppings like coconut relish. It was one of our favorite ‘quick-bite’ places.

    (Thanks for stopping by my blog. Best of luck with the drawer liners, let me know how it goes!)

  2. Carolyn Rasnick says

    Good thing you all are slim and stay in shape. That place looks like a cholesterol jolt! Cute decor though!