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Author: Jordan


Mom and I decided to repost our favorite post at the beginning of each month from the same month last year.  We had a lot going on last October, but overall, our favorite post was the reveal of the thrift store hutch we redid together.  To see the hutch with its new drawer lining, you can go here.  It’s funny to see this post because we have also installed new hardwood floors in the room where we did the work.  I think our photography skills have improved since then, too.  Enjoy.


My mother spent a week with us recently, and we had a great time taking on some painting projects.  We painted our kitchen, our guest bedroom, and a hutch.


We took a trip to the Salvation Army store and spotted this pine hutch made in 1976 for $129.00  We knew it had great potential, and we bought it right away.


 Hutch Before


I forgot to take a picture when the hutch was still together, and I found the same hutch online.  So here is the before of the hutch.



Hutch Before

Hutch Before

I am trying to remove the bottom section of the hutch to make the lines straighter.  I was laughing because Gracie was wanting to play and kept bringing me toys.  We removed some trim that made it look too colonial so that the lines would be straighter.  Mr. Spring and I live in a 1928 craftsmen house, and we wanted the hutch to look better in our house.



After four coats of paint, it looks like this.




The trim now is straight and linear.  The “panes” were brass and we painted them white.  (I see from the photos that I still have some paint to scrape off.)




We definitely want to update the hardware because this is too early American for our tastes.  Meanwhile, I painted it oil based bronze.  The problem is that some of the holes for the hardware are three inches apart and some are four.




I also need to line the drawers and get rid of the 1776 look.




I have lots of accessorizing to do.  Right now I have placed my vintage state glasses, here, in the cabinets.  I will be on the look-out for the right items.




I love having a nice surface to use when we are entertaining.  It will be a great place to set the desserts.




Thanks to a recipe I found at No Minimalist Here, we mixed our own chalk paint.  It was a huge savings.




However, we chose not to distress it.

I will keep you updated when the handles are changed and when the drawers are lined.

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh I swear you got my hutch! It’s it exactly, and if I knew it would of looked this good white and stained top I would of kept it and you’d have another cabinet in your room. Seriously it looks great. Thanks so much! I’d luv it if you’d post at Sunday’s Best Party. Sharing is a good thing!

  2. says

    Wow, Four coats of paint! That was quite a job but so worth it! It looks amazing. I so enjoyed your Mom’s photos from France. What a wonderful trip!

  3. Beth says

    I saw such wonderful hutches in Stockholm, look at how they do the hardware. The Dental Molding is absolutely AWESOME!! What a great find. Your right to get rid of the 1776 look–

  4. says

    The hutch transformation is fabulous! I am so happy you liked my DIY chalk paint recipe and thank you for the mention.

  5. says

    I love this! Love that you removed the trim! Saw this at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia :-)!
    -Heather @www.commonplacebeauty.blogspot.com

  6. Tara says

    Love it. Can I ask you something? Did you add four white coats of paint or did you sand and prime it first? I only ask cause I LOVE what you did and I have a very similar hutch I’ve been wanting to get rid of, but since seeing what you did with yours, I’d love to do something similar with mine! Thanks:)