Fall Features

Author:  Jordan (Spring)

It might has appear like I am late to the party, but our fall decorations have been up for a few weeks.  When my mother recently visited, she convinced me that we should include them in our blog.


I used the usual gourds, candles, and lanterns, but then I found some treasures at Goodwill.


I found these cute amber colored bottles.  They were at a new Goodwill here, and the store smelled nice and fresh.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I would do this at home. I bought a stencil at Michael’s and put F A L L on the bottles and then put some wheat into each one.  That takes up some space visually in front of the mirror.


The gourds are faux but look very realistic.


I added some pumpkins and a bale of hay to the fireplace, which has battery operated candles and a mirror in it to add some coziness.  Gracie likes it.


We recently moved a dresser/buffet from the dining room to our entry and I decided to spiff up that area for fall, also.


 My friend Meghan attached small bundles of wheat to her stairway and posted a photo of it online.  I totally stole this idea from her, and it is my favorite fall decoration.


I used my chalk board platter,read about it here, and added a Halloween touch.


I framed photos from us in some past Halloween costumes (here were are as gangsters) and added them to the table top.


Here we are as I-pod ear buds.


Fall is definitely in the air around here.  We just moved into our house last autumn and were unpacking boxes instead of decorating for fall.  So, this year we are really enjoying it.

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  1. says

    I love your fall decor! Especially like the bottles with Fall on them. Great idea and oh the things we find on Pinterest!! Don’t know about you, but Pinterest has been dangerous for me lately!!

  2. says

    I am still giggling over the iPod earbud costumes! I love the bunches of wheat tied on the railings, and the amber bottles look great. I guess you could use that same concept all year round–maybe letters on mason jars holding daisies or something! Thanks for sharing! Love Gracie, too!

  3. Carolyn Rasnick says

    Looks great but I especially love the wheat bundles (thanks Meghan!). Makes a really cute look for the stairway.
    You are going to have to blog about how to make the ear bud costume!! So funny and clever. I would expect nothing less from you though!!

  4. says

    I love the new look!! You did an awesome job on this piece and I am so amused that it was made in 1976. I remember that year!! It was the bicentenial and colonial stuff was hot, hot!! But now, NOT! Great redo!!