Bicycling in France


Author:  Autumn (Janette)

As you probably know, Mr. Autumn and I rode our bicycles from the top to the bottom of France a few weeks ago.  It was an amazing trip, and I wanted to share just a few photos with you.  I don’t take the typical tourist photos.  I like the angles of old buildings, things growing on old buildings, cows, landscapes, and peaceful places.  I picked out just a few that you will hopefully enjoy.

DSCF2098 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

We spent two days going through the Loire Valley so I had to share a castle….

DSCF2126 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

or two.

DSCF2132 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

The flower shops have such a nice way of displaying their items.

DSCF2148 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

There were so many fields full of dead sunflowers.  This is the only field that had live ones.

DSCF2164 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

I loved the angles on this old house.

DSCF2240 768x1024 - Bicycling in France

The most popular flowers in the entire country were geraniums.  It was as if they had all gotten together and decided they would be the flower of the year.

DSCF2238 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

There were so many old/interesting shutters in so many different finishes.

DSCF2267 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

This foggy morning was one of my favorites.  Although it is dangerous to cycle in these conditions, I loved the atmosphere.  Mr. Autumn is waiting for me to take his photo.

DSCF2268 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

We were in the beautiful mountains for three-fourths of the trip.

DSCF2291 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

DSCF2306 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

The bridges were charming.

DSCF2266 1024x768 - Bicycling in France

This was a peaceful place.

DSCF2175 1024x943 - Bicycling in France

These two gals reminded me of twins.  I took lots of cow photos.

DSCF2326 848x1024 - Bicycling in France

When we arrived at the Mediterranean Sea, of course we celebrated with champagne.  (In case you are wondering, I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, and my Mr. Autumn is 7 feet tall.  Yes, he played Division 1 basketball and played professionally in Europe).

Take care.



  1. says

    I always have a hard time finding the right place to leave comments when they are at the top. Anyway, what a fun way to see the countryside. Wow, he is tall and what a great way to stay in shape. There is no way my legs would let me do that.

  2. Carolyn Rasnick says

    You have a great eye for photography Janette! Glad you explained the height difference because it looks like you are about 4’9″!!! In addition to looking tiny, you look like very young!!

  3. says

    What delightful ladies you are! I have perused just a few of your posts and can’t wait to stop back after my very busy weekend so I can sit a visit and get to know you better. SO much to see here at your sweet place. Be back again shortly!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  4. Leah says

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. We can enjoy your travels along with you by viewing these pictures. We have friends who live in Ireland and in Germany and they post photos often. We so enjoy them. You and Mr. Autumn are truly blessed.