Martha, Can You Hear Me?

Author – Autumn (Janette)

Dear Martha,

I have been a fan of yours since your very first PBS Thanksgiving special back in 1987.  Do you remember that one?  I have loyally used your products, subscribed to your magazine and watched your show throughout the years, even when it was aired at 6 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  I preached on your behalf during your little legal scandal and even stayed up late to watch your release from jail.  I’ve been there for you, Martha, through every step of your rise to billionairedom.  (I even created that word for you).

I always felt I could trust you, your name, and your brand.  So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I fell in love with your cabinet hardware at Home Depot.  I saw it when we were remodeling our entire place.  I saw it.  My mouth dropped open.  It was love.

IMG 08371 1024x681 - Martha, Can You Hear Me?

I loved the shine because it reminded me of silver.  And you know, Martha, that I love a touch of silver in each room.  It works like jewelry.  The design was perfect because it was a traditional look with a touch of “up-town” to it.

IMG 0836 1024x681 - Martha, Can You Hear Me?

I put your hardware on E.V.E.R.Y. cabinet in our house.  That includes five bathrooms, laundry room, bar area, kitchen and pantry.  And guess what!  It is DISCOLORING.  That’s right.  Every time we touch it, our fingers leave a mark that won’t wipe off.  Yikes!

It looks like tarnished silver – tarnished silver that won’t shine up.The people at Home Depot say they are working on it.

But, Martha, this isn’t like you.  Did you know about this?  DO you know about this?  I think if you did, you might be p _ _ _ _ _.

Do I now need to stop and think before I purchase your products?  Martha, please make it right.

Take care,



  1. Beth says

    I hear you loud and clear. Remember my sister’s fall in Martha’s studio–we have not even had a “sorry bout that” They were only interested in getting her out of the studio. I talked with our hotel and they suggested that I file a police accident report to get their attention, but Margie wouldn’t do that. She was in serious pain for several months. Interesting.

  2. Carolyn says

    Hmmm….wouldn’t it be great if this blog got their attention? Think you need to spell the name out so it comes up in a search…. Just sayin’…. 😉