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It’s always nice to have a stash of traveling tips in the back of your mind so that when you take a trip to the nearby state park or a trip around the world, you know that you are packing and preparing the right way.  Jordan and I, along with our husbands, have been lucky enough to travel around the world.  I have been to 67 countries and terriories (my goal is 100), and Jordan is clocking in at over 30.  We can both go away for a three-week trip and live out of a carry-on and small backpack.  We wrote a post a few years back and shared ten of our travel tips.  Today, we are reposting it but with updated info and a few more tips.


1.  PUREX 

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Spring Oasis

This Purex product is great.  In case you don’t know about them, they are little sheets that resemble dryer sheets, but they contain detergent and softener.  I cut each sheet into three sections and then store them in a baggy.  They are perfect for washing out any clothes that need to be cleaned when there isn’t a laundry service nearby.  When you travel with a minimum amount of clothing, doing laundry is a necessity.

2.  PASHMINA      


I bought a good pashmina scarf when they first became popular, and it has been a faithful traveling companion since then.  I keep it in a baggy in my back pack so that it is readily available to use on a cold flight.  It also comes in handy as a neck scarf and as a shawl in a chilly locale.  When I get home, I always send it to the cleaners so it will be fresh and ready for the next flight.


CreditCardLogos - Tips for Easy Traveling

Always take at least two credit cards with you in case the ATM will not work with  one of them.  And always inform your credit card companies before you leave that you will be traveling.  Give them the dates you will be away and the countries you will be in.


There are many brands of facial cloths out there, and they are great for traveling.  They are light, extremely soothing and efficient, and the cloth can be used as a wash cloth in a pinch.  I don’t use them when I am at home because then I prefer a cream make-up remover, but when I see them on a two for one sale, I stock up.


Magellan's Secret Neck Pouch SV631

I always wear a neck pouch when traveling in and out of the country.  It is the perfect size to carry a passport, credit cards, and some currency.  This pouch is worn under clothing and cannot be seen.  It is so much better than those ugly fanny packs that, along with white tennis shoes, label you as an American tourist.  Always try to blend in with the locals, either in the USA or abroad.


Cuddl Duds® Softwear with Stretch Crewneck Top
I like Cuddl Duds for several reasons.  First, they add an extra layer of warmth when you need it, and they dry quickly.  Second, they are extremely light, weighing just a few ounces; third, they are nice to have against your skin so that you can get another day out of your blouse or shirt if you have run out of clean clothes.  It happens.


lots of money - Tips for Easy Traveling

This might sound paranoid, but even when I am wearing a neck pouch, I always have some local currency hidden somewhere else on my body – usually in my shoe.  If nothing else, it gives me peace of mind, especially when I am traveling alone.  It’s nice to know that if anything happens, I at least have taxi money to get back to my hotel.


These little storage vials are invaluable.  Jordan first told me about their uses.  Two of them will hold enough of my night time moisturizer for a month.  They are great for aspirins, vaseline, foundation, lotion, and tons of other things.  Remember, with carry-on luggage, you still have to fit all of your liquids in a one-quart baggy.  These little vials eliminate the need to carry a large container of something than you need.


100 0067 1024x768 - Tips for Easy Traveling

My philosophy when I travel is that I am representing ALL Americans, and I better mind my manners.  They don’t know me as Janette, or as a mother, wife, sister, and daughter.  They know me as “that American woman.”  If I am rude to someone or behave in an unflattering way, it will be a bad reflection on all of us.  I try to be quiet, maintain a low profile, be inquisitive, kind, helpful, and always polite.  That is how I behave anyway, but when I travel, I am much more mindful of it.  This photo is a perfect example.  While bicycling through Vietnam, we stopped and joined in on an impromptu parade the children were having to celebrate their new year.


DSC01627 - Tips for Easy Traveling

When I am on vacation, it is time to enjoy my husband and make new memories with him, to relax, to learn, to explore, to experience new foods, smells, sights, and customs.  And, I highly recommend this to all of you.  Don’t stress out because you are traveling and are out of your comfort zone.  Embrace it.


I love sitting back in an airport and watching people become unglued when their flights are

Take care and happy traveling.

I was not paid to mention any of the products above, and the images are taken from each company’s own website.


  1. Beth says

    These are great travel tips. Also, write down your credit card information and names and addresses of where you are staying. Keep a copy for yourself and leave a copy with someone here in the states. Don’t forget your adaptors–some countries adaptors are different.

  2. says

    A couple of other tips.

    1.) The primary credit card that you travel with should have no currency exchange fees. For instance, Capitol One cards don’t have that fee. It will save you up to 3%.

    2.) I learned this the hard way traveling in a developing country. Take a silk sleeping sock with you. They weigh hardly anything. I was in a hotel that had bedbugs or something. I itched all night and got no sleep. One of the worst nights of my life.