Memory Quilt

Author – Autumn (Janette)

When I was in college, my mother started a bow tie quilt.  She finished it…….. last year. She gets bored with working on the same quilt for an extended period of time, so, she starts a new one, and the cycle continues.  Oh, did I mention I have been out of college for 39 years?

IMG 0935 1024x681 - Memory Quilt

I loved the little bow tie quilt so much, that she gave it to me.  Her goal is to make a quilt for each of her four grandchildren but I trumped them on this one.

IMG 0936 1024x681 - Memory Quilt

This quilt is special to me because she used lots of fabric she had left over from my childhood dresses.  She made all of my clothes and saved the remnants for projects like this.

IMG 0939 1024x681 - Memory Quilt

When I was in elementary school, my bedroom was lavendar.  My mother made a little puppy pillow for my bed out of this fabric.

IMG 0940 1024x681 - Memory Quilt

I had a dress made with the black and red fabric.  It had a big white collar on it.

IMG 0941 1024x681 - Memory Quilt

My mother made a sundress out of this fabric.  She wore it on vacation.

IMG 0944 1024x681 - Memory Quilt

Bow tie is the perfect name for this quilt pattern, don’t you think?

IMG 0945 1024x681 - Memory Quilt

I think she intended for this quilt to fit a double bed, but she added a quilted border to make it large enough for a queen bed.

IMG 0946 1024x681 - Memory Quilt

 She tries really hard to make all of her stitches perfectly even.  That’s the sign of a good quilter.

IMG 0947 1024x681 - Memory Quilt

Whenever I want to take a walk down memory lane, all I need to do is take this quilt out of the closet, spread it on the bed, and look at the fabrics.

Take care.

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  1. Beth says

    I just love your mother and another great story, my grandmother was also a quilter and she made nursery quilts for us from mother’s dresses too. Your mother’s work is lovely and I love the pattern!

  2. Jan Smith says

    What a wonderful quilt. This reminds me that I need to get out our family quilts and maybe even USE them. I keep them stored away for safe keeping–it’s time to enjoy.

  3. Mary from Tucson says

    What a timely blog! I’m at Quilt Camp with my sister at Camp Tecumseh near Brookston, Indiana. I’m making my first quilt! It’s quite challenging. Your mother is awesome! My grandmother left me a few blocks that are unpieced that are the bow tie pattern. I was thinking of framing them. Enjoy the beautiful memories.