A Great Souvenir

Author – Autumn (Janette)

I am not a souvenir kind of girl.  After all of these years of traveling, I figured out that the little treasures I see in foreign countries probably won’t look as enchanting when I get them home.  But, thanks to a friend, I now know about the perfect little travel keepsake.  It’s an alphabet book.

That’s right.  Now when I travel, I hunt down an alphabet book that is written in the language of the country I am in.  The books are great because they are light, won’t break, don’t take up a lot of suitcase space, are inexpensive, and something you can share with your children or grandchildren on your return.  Plus, I guarantee that your friends will enjoy them, too.

IMG 0934 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

I keep them on a shelf in the guest room beside my childhood Russian text book.

IMG 0912 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

Let’s start out with the sweet, little French alphabet book.  It is very simple with just a letter, a word, and an illustration.

IMG 0913 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

Dog and turkey, which are chien and dindon.

IMG 0917 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

This Dutch book is my favorite, but then it is from my favorite country.

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Little ones can learn about the country’s culture through these books, even if they can’t read the words.  This shows children in traditional Dutch clothing, a wind mill, and a young lad with a Dutch haircut from days gone by.

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Here is another French book.

IMG 0922 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

It tells a simple story and includes a different letter in each scenario.  I have even used this book to brush up on my basic French.

IMG 0926 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

The Cambodian language is a real challenge.

IMG 0928 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

And what other alphabet book includes a monk?

IMG 0929 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

The Romanian book even includes a……..

IMG 0931 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

castle.  Could it be Dracula’s?

IMG 0919 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

The nice thing is that you can buy the books in U.S. cities, too, like this one I bought in New York City.  It teaches the alphabet while highlighting things that are associated with the Big Apple.  I have seen several A,B,C books in this country that highlight the area’s own attractions and characteristics.

IMG 0920 1024x681 - A Great Souvenir

For instance, I think NYC has the best bagels in the world, and the book uses bagels to teach the letter “B”.

I hope you got a great souvenir idea here today.  Happy traveling.
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