Guest Bath Reveal

Author – Autumn (Janette)

Although it is one of the first rooms I pulled together after our move, I am just now getting around to revealing the completed guest bathroom.  For those of you who have not been with us throughout this process, Mr. Autumn and I down-sized to a townhouse with 3000 square feet.  We purchased it in December, worked with an architect to repurpose some of the spaces, had an amazing team to gut it and then completely remodel every inch and moved in May.

The guest bath was dismal.  I am not going to bore you with before photos, but we removed the aged wallpaper, put in a new tub, commode, carrara marble floors, new vanity, sink, lights, counter top, wainscoting, hardware, and solar tube sky light.

IMG 0855 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

The room is a small space, but it has room for everything one needs in a guest bath including a tiny linen closet.  We used the same marble that we put on the floor to surround the tub.  I made the extra-long shower curtain using indoor/outdoor fabric.  It was very cost efficient and will hold-up in the dampness of a bathroom.

IMG 0856 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

We painted the room the same as the guest bedroom, Melted Butter by Behr, but we had Sherwin Williams match the colors.  The faucets are from the Victorian line by Delta.  We used the same faucet pattern throughout the house.

IMG 0858 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

If I had it to do again, the paneling would be higher, but we were out of the country when it was installed, and I wasn’t consulted.  This view is from the tub looking out into the guest room.IMG 0859 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

We had the floor installed on the diagonal.  What you can’t see here is that there are heating coils underneath so that it will be a warm surface to stand on in the winter.  All of the marble is honed so that it doesn’t have a high gloss.

IMG 0878 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

The counter top is honed black granite.  Some people call it brushed or sueded, but what it means is that it is not glossy.  We love the texture and used it in every bathroom and in our bar area.  One of the things I did not include in these photos is a shot of the solar tube sky light that is providing all of the light for these photos.  I am writing a separate blog entry about it/them because we added three to the ceilings here.

IMG 0879 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

I didn’t want everything to be too matchy-matchy, and so, I mixed it up by just selecting this interesting mirror at Tuesday Morning to hang over the sink.

IMG 0868 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

Using layers makes an area look interesting.  I layered an old linen hand towel with a little dish, which is not really a soap dish, but it works well to keep the hand soap contained.

IMG 0867 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

The dish was a gift from my former neighbor.

IMG 0869 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

This container is a Waterford cookie jar that we bought at a charity silent auction.  It is really cute with cotton balls in it.  The swabs are in a little cream holder.  They were used in restaurants in the 1950’s and before.

IMG 0870 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

We bought this little hand towel in Jamaica, man.

IMG 0871 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

These towels came from the Brimfield sale.  Love that place.

IMG 0875 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

My 84-year-old mother loves to dabble in oils.  This was one of her first paintings.  She has taken some classes off and on but is pretty much self-taught.

IMG 0877 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

I love the way the yellow in the flowers matches the walls.

IMG 0876 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

 Here is a close-up of some little rose petals.

IMG 0872 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

 I use a reproduction sap bucket for the trash can.

IMG 0873 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

I simply painted it, and then I decoupaged something I tore out of a magazine.

IMG 0874 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

 I roughed up the edges and made sure to cover it with a glaze to add definition.

IMG 0861 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

I have had this little container for a while.

IMG 0862 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

It houses the tissues and extra t.p.

IMG 0863 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

I have a set of four of these prints, and they were in the upstairs hallway in our last house.  Now, I use only two of them, and they ended up in the guest bath.  One of the fun things about moving was to reuse some of my favorite pieces in new rooms and in new ways.

IMG 08551 1024x681 - Guest Bath Reveal

Here is one more peak before I close the door.  If you would like to see other rooms I have revealed go here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Take care.

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  1. donna says

    Love what you did to the sap bucket. I have a couple of those that are not too attractively painted. Thanks for the tip!


  2. says

    What a beautiful guest bath! I love the color of the walls…I think I have some rooms painted in a similar color here in our condo. REALLY LOVE the black counter top! What a gorgeous condo you have! ♥