Wine Slushies

Author:  Spring (Jordan)

Syracuse has a long winter so when the weather turns, nice festivals crop up everywhere. Each weekend is filled with multiple festivals, and even though you cannot go to all, it is fun to attend a few.  Recently, we had some family guests in town for the weekend, and  we decided to check out one of the festivals.  It was an arts festival,  and we had a great time looking at all of the art and other vendors.

While browsing the streets, we came across a vendor selling mixes to make your own wine slushies at home.  I had never heard of a wine slushy till I moved to Syracuse.  They are quite popular at many of the festivals.  We decided slushies would be perfect  to enjoy on our new patio.

Wine slush

Here is one of the packs of the mix.  We ended up getting multiple flavors like peach, mojito, and pina colada. We wanted to have some on hand to make when we have guests over.

Wine Slush

These are very easy to make.  Take one bottle of white wine (it does not have to be a fancy wine), and fill a pitcher with the wine and an equal amount of water. Add the slushy mix, stir, and freeze.

The finished product

The finished product here is peach wine slushy.  If you all are interested in trying your own wine slushy, you can order online. Click here to check out more flavors.


I was not paid by this product. I am just a fan.