A Clean Slate

Author – Autumn (Janette)

I love all things French, and my husband and I are headed there in a few weeks to ride our bicycles from the English Channel in Normandy to the Mediterranean Sea in Provence.  However, that’s not what this post is about.

When I added my grandmother’s old school slate to our kitchen wall, I thought I was being really clever to add a faux French shopping list to it in chalk.

IMG 0493 1024x681 - A Clean Slate

But not until a visit from my British friend Charlotte who speaks French tres bien, did I realize my faux pas.  My shopping list is for cheese (fromage), milk (lait), bread (pan) and chicken (poulet).  Do you see it yet?  Zone in on pan.  It was driving Charlotte crazy that I incorrectly spelled pain.  She asked me to grab the chalk and change it right away, which I did.

IMG 0909 1024x681 - A Clean Slate

In the process, though, I smeared the chalk, and it just looked messy.  That bothered me more than the previously misspelled word.

IMG 0906 973x1024 - A Clean Slate

But while at Hobby Lobby today for another reason, I picked up a tube of liquid chalk marker.  I have read about how wonderful it is over at Our Fifth House, and thanks to a note from Carmen, I was able to find it.

IMG 0910 1024x681 - A Clean Slate

So, I wiped the slate clean (pun intended) with a damp paper towel, and rewrote my French shopping list.  And thanks to the thin tip on the chalk pen, I was able to add another item, beef (boeuf).

So, now my slate is smudge free and all of the words are correct.  Oh, la, la!

Take care.

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