It Was So Easel

Author:  Autumn

Finally, after 10 weeks of living in our new place, the last box stored in the last corner has been emptied.  Our great room was full of boxes the day we moved in, but we worked steadily to get them unpacked and out of there. That’s all well and good, but it left a big blank space.

IMG 0783 430x286 - It Was So Easel

This is the corner in question.  It is between the French doors leading to our sunroom, seen here, and the entrance into our kitchen, here from the dining room, here.  You can see I was in the middle of cleaning when I took this shot.  I have a nice framed print that I purchased at the National Gallery in Washington, DC a few years ago and thought it would fit nicely in this corner.

However, I thought it would look best leaning against an easel.  Then it would fill the corner nicely.  The only problem was I didn’t have an easel.  But wait, I had something that just might work.

IMG 0784 430x286 - It Was So Easel

I have two great little vintage park benches from France, and one of them wasn’t being used for anything.  It has nice slats for the back and the seat, and the back is at an angle.  My plan was to lean the print against the back and let the bottom rest between the slats.

IMG 0785 430x286 - It Was So Easel

It worked perfectly.  The print is just the right size for the corner, and the chair holds it securely.

IMG 0786 430x286 - It Was So Easel

It looks great from all angles of the room.

IMG 0787 430x286 - It Was So Easel

And it was so easel easy!

Take care.

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    Now that is as cute as a button! You’re so good to think of this! Now, I spy a pretty looking little rug in your kitchen! I’m ready for more house posts! Your home is lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉