Granola Blueberry Pancakes

Author:  Spring

Mr. Spring and I love camping and being outside.  When we camp and backpack, we try to have quality food that doesn’t weigh a lot.  That makes it easier to carry around either in our backpack or kayak.

We tried a new recipe last weekend when we were camping in the Adirondacks, which you can read about  here.   One morning for breakfast Mr. Spring made granola blueberry pancakes.  He found the recipe in a backpacker magazine and packed the ingredients we needed. They were amazing, and I plan to make them at home in the future.  Maybe they won’t taste quite as good in the confines of our kitchen as they did in the open wilderness, but I still highly recommend them.


Here is our set up for making the pancakes.  We used a very light camping skillet that has a handle that folds into the pan.


Makes 6 small pancakes

1 cup pancake mix

1/2 cup  granola

1/2 cup  water

1 cup  frozen or fresh blueberries.

Mix the pancake mix, water and granola.  Use either a griddle or skillet for cooking.  Flip when the pancakes start to bubble.


Here is the finished product. This one got a little toasty because it is difficult to control the heat when cooking with charcoal.  Oh and these are great even without syrup, which I forgot to pack.

Have a great weekend!.