Rose Revival

Author – Autumn

The title of this blog sounds as if we are having a summer tent church meeting, but it is really about what is says it is about – reviving roses for your table top.

Do you often buy roses and other flowers at the market only to be disappointed a few days later when they start to wilt and die?  Even though I can usually get a good week out of a store-bought bouquet of flowers, thanks to changing the water and snipping off the bottoms daily, the latest bouquet of roses I bought just weren’t looking too great by day three.

Half Dozen Yellow Roses Vase

These aren’t the actual flowers I bought, but they looked very similar.

Well, thanks to a little bit of effort and just a tad bit of time, those flowers are now on day seven and still surviving.  This is how I did it.

When I bought the roses last week, I put them in my tall Tiffany vase which provided room for the filler and their leaves.  When I threw away the filler, due to its wilting, I moved them to a smaller vase.  Today they are down to this little number, which has just been filled with fresh water.

Two roses completely lost their zest and had to be discarded.

 I snipped about an inch off of the remaining stems.  This is another reason it is necessary to switch vases as the week wears on.  The flowers get shorter.

If you look closely, you can see that the outer petals on this rose are turning brown.

 I simply removed them.

Then I cut some fronds from my outdoor ferns to use as fresh filler.

I arranged them in the little blue vase, and………

One week after they came home with me, I still have a sweet, though little, table-top arrangement.

If you want to see how flowers get from the fields in Africa and South America to here, you can read about Jordan’s trip to the International Flower Market in Amsterdam, here.

Take care.

First image of yellow flowers taken from  All other images are mine.

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    Great tips! Even though the last arrangement is small, it is completely charming! Thank you for the advice!