Powder Room Reveal

Author:  Autumn

Today we are passing the six-week milestone, meaning we have been in our new digs that long.  So far, we have revealed the kitchen, pantry, laundry room, and sun room, (click the word to see the pictures,)

We are now ready for the powder room to be introduced.  But first let’s take a look at the before, which I wrote about here.

DSCF0863 242x323 - Powder Room Reveal

DSCF0864 430x323 - Powder Room Reveal

DSCF0865 430x323 - Powder Room Reveal

DSCF0866 242x323 - Powder Room Reveal

You can see the tarnished and dated brass faucets, the old vanity, the 1980’s wallpaper, and of course, the “cat in the window” canvas that was glued to the wall.

This is what the powder room looks like now.

IMG 0513 215x323 - Powder Room Reveal

The wall-mounted faucets were inspired by the powder room makeover at Velvet and Linen.  The bull-nose marble backsplash was inspired by a photo I saw in Pottery Barn, and the rest is all me.

IMG 0510 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal
The room is teeny, and it is nearly impossible to get a good shot.   This is the photo of the wall opposite the sink.

IMG 0511 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

This is one of a pair of water-color originals I bought at a near-by art fair a few years ago.  I love the combination of red with the Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue on the walls.

IMG 0512 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

This is the mate.

IMG 0515 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

When we first completed the powder room, we could see the pipe under the sink when (ahem) taking care of business, and I didn’t like that.  So, I searched and searched for a piece of fabric I liked well enough to use for a sink skirt.  And, boy, did I find it.  I absolutely love this fabric.  It was pricey, but I didn’t need much.  Adding the skirt made a huge different.  It added weight and balance to the sink.  Before, without the skirt, it was top heavy.

IMG 0450 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

If you have been reading this blog,  you know that I like to use the same colors  – red, blues, greens, and yellows – throughout our home so that everything flows smoothly.  And this paisley print meets all of the requirements.   I would love to to drape myself in this fabric.  It also has the perfect blue to match the powder room’s walls.IMG 0440 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

This shows the sink area before I added the skirt.  Don’t you think the skirt completes it?

IMG 0432 215x323 - Powder Room Reveal

Finch and Jay hang on the wall to the right of the sink.

IMG 0435 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

They are pages taken from an 1880 spelling puzzle.  I bought them a few years ago at an antique show.

IMG 0433 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

Finch has the red that matches the accessories so well.

IMG 0434 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

And the background on Jay matches the blue in the walls.  I bought these items because my husband’s nickname for me is “Jay.”  It is the term of endearment he calls me.

IMG 0437 215x323 - Powder Room Reveal

In our last house, this mirror was gold.  But I changed it completely for this house.  It works perfectly in the powder room.

IMG 0436 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

Here is a close-up of the flowers, but since this photo was taken, I added a dab of red in the flowers to tie in the red sink skirt.

IMG 0431 430x286 - Powder Room Reveal

The old fan to the left of the sink is there strictly for looks.  Its electrical wiring looked so bad that I removed it.

Dash & Albert Rug Company Our Dawson Woven Cotton Runner Rug 2.5 x 8

I have ordered this Dash and Albert Dawson rug for the floor.

IMG 05131 215x323 - Powder Room Reveal

Here is another peak at our powder room.

Take care.

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  1. says

    Gorgeous transformation! I think we have been “next door” to each other at Kim’s party before which cracks me up! You did a fabulous job making over this bathroom and I love the new vanity especially! 🙂

  2. says

    I am so absolutely in love with that wall colour. It’s just completely and utterly what I would have chosen!!! I really love all the white in this room, against the soft colour on the walls. I think you did a GREAT job!