Repair Affair

Author:  Autumn

When we moved from our family home in December, I patiently packed every single item in our house, other than the furniture which was left up to the movers.  I want to add that of all the things I wrapped and packed, only one plate broke.  And the items were in storage for over four months.  The moving company?  That’s another story.  We are still waiting for them to send the furniture inspector to assess the damage to four pieces of our furniture.  A desk and a chair were destroyed, as if an 18 wheeler drove over them.  The two other items, which were expensive pieces, were scratched and heavily dented.

But the moving saga is not what I am writing about today.  When packing our new but looks old French wall clock, I taped the hands down so they wouldn’t break off.  When unpacking and removing the tape, I accidently ripped off some of the paint.  Whoops!

IMG 0416 430x286 - Repair Affair

See that bright white spot in the middle?  That is where the tape pulled off the paint finish.

IMG 0417 430x286 - Repair Affair

Here’s a close-up of the damaged goods.

IMG 0418 430x286 - Repair Affair

I didn’t panic.  I decided that at least I should have the smarts to fix it.  After all, it already looked old and distressed.  The first thing I did was to sand the area to rough it up a little.  That wasn’t too smart.  It just made the problem area bigger.

IMG 0419 430x286 - Repair Affair

But I figured it wasn’t such a big deal that my trusty value pack of acrylic paints and a Sharpie couldn’t fix it.

IMG 0420 430x286 - Repair Affair

With my unartistic touch, I filled in the green with the paint and outlined it with the marker.

IMG 0421 430x286 - Repair Affair

Then I gave the entire clock face a coat of Briwax, which helped the repaired area blend in.  After the wax dried, I buffed it.

IMG 0422 430x286 - Repair Affair

And here it is!  It looks almost like it did before.  It is now hanging over the antique icebox in our new pantry, just where it was meant to be.  To see the newly remodeled and decorated pantry, go here.

I hope this inspires you to fix some of your damaged goods.

Take care.

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