Guilty – As Charged

Author:  Autumn

One of the great things I love about reading blogs is the way you can get great ideas from other people who care about their homes and like good DIY projects.

Another thing I love is that you can steal these ideas.  And I just stole a good one, which was really easy.  It is another of those small change/big impact projects.  So, if the officers come hunting me down because I stole borrowed this idea, I am guilty, as charged.

When we first looked at our new digs, the fireplace did not bother me.  It was trimmed with a beautiful white mantel, which we kept, and edged in black slate.  I planned to keep it, too, until we had leftover carrara marble after three of our bathroom floors were finished.  So, to continue that theme, we had the slate replaced with marble.

DSCF0854 430x323 - Guilty - As Charged

This is a before shot of the fireplace with its gas log insert and black slate surround.  It wasn’t good, but we knew it could be better.  The first thing we did was remove the insert.  It will be replaced with realistic looking gas logs this fall.

IMG 0340 430x286 - Guilty - As Charged

This is what it looked like after we removed the insert.  Yes, it was yucky, but when Mr. Autumn asked if I was going to paint the fireplace box, I quickly said, “No.”  My thought was, “Why paint it when we will be putting logs in there?”  Plus, I didn’t know there was such a thing as heat-proof paint.

And then I saw this post over at Young House Love:

They had a fireplace that was way uglier than ours, but with some paint and elbow grease, they made a huge transformation.  That is when I decided to borrow (ahem) their idea.  If theirs could look so good, then ours could look great, too.

The first thing I did was clean it well with the sweeper, followed by detergent and water.

Rustoleum 237543 Heat Resistant Paint Black

Then I used Rustoleum High Heat paint to cover all of the ugliness.  It worked really well, even though it had a lot of fumes.

Then I headed to Home Goods to find a mirror.  Remember, this is a temporary summer fix till we buy logs, and I didn’t want to spend too much.  But instead of finding a mirror which was the right size, I found this:

IMG 0350 430x286 - Guilty - As Charged

It is a set of three flameless candles in three different sizes, complete with remote control.  That’s right, a remote control.  I bought two boxes of them.

Since I didn’t find the mirror at Home Goods, I went to Home Depot and found just what I needed, a mirror without a frame.

IMG 0351 430x286 - Guilty - As Charged

When I returned home, I put everything in its place, but I had to work around the cord that we need to keep for the future logs.

IMG 0352 430x286 - Guilty - As Charged

Then I pushed the remote control, and………..

IMG 0354 430x286 - Guilty - As Charged

Voila!!!  I can’t wait to show it to Mr. Autumn when the sun goes down.  Maybe one thing will lead to another and we’ll …………roast some marshmallows!  Guilty, as charged.

Take care.

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