Laundry Room Reveal

Author:  Autumn

Gradually, I have been showing you different rooms of our new digs as they come together.  Today, I would like to share our new laundry room with you.  It has not been accessorized, yet.  That will come later, and I will be sure to show you what I do in that department.

IMG 0207 215x323 - Laundry Room Reveal

We created a laundry room on the second floor out of a corner of the guest room.  This frosted pocket door opens to reveal the laundry room.  When the previous owner lived here, there was a plain door here that went into the guest room.  A closet was to the left.  At our architect’s suggestion, we moved the closets to the other side of the guest room, which I will show you in the future.

IMG 0194 215x323 - Laundry Room Reveal

Welcome to our laundry room, previously a small closet and wasted space.  It measures 8 x 8 and is the first laundry room I have ever had that has such a large window.  The floor covering is small octagonal tiles.

IMG 0195 430x286 - Laundry Room Reveal

The wall above the washer and dryer supports a line of cabinets.  The sink is set in carrara marble to tie in with the marble in the rest of the house.

IMG 0196 430x286 - Laundry Room Reveal

Here is a closer look at the sink.  That little enamelware skillet is my soap dish.  The color is Benjamin Moore’s palladian blue, matched by Sherwin Williams.

IMG 0200 430x286 - Laundry Room Reveal

This room gives us lots of storage both under the sink and………

IMG 0199 430x286 - Laundry Room Reveal

above the appliances.

IMG 0201 430x286 - Laundry Room Reveal

I had a lid made for this old crock, and it holds the detergent.  I have three of  the same crocks in my pantry to store sugar and flour.  I have had them since we were married.

IMG 0197 430x286 - Laundry Room Reveal

This is the other side of the room.  I brought in the marble-top sewing machine base to use as the folding table.  Clothes pins and softening sheets are in the laundry cannister.  You can get a glimpse of the rod that runs the width of the room.  Mr. Autumn installed it so drying clothes or freshly ironed clothes could hang from it.  The window looks out onto the beautiful and historic park across the street.

IMG 0198 215x323 - Laundry Room Reveal

This built-in ironing board is a real convenience and a space saver.   It even swivels.

IMG 0203 215x323 - Laundry Room Reveal

When my mother saw this photo which gives a closer view of the folding table, she informed me that the wash board is backwards.  It is there for looks only to help temporarily hide the electrical box.  We added that wall.  On the other side is the guest room.

IMG 01941 215x323 - Laundry Room Reveal

Here is one more peak.  If you ever have a desire to wash some clothes, you can come use our laundry room anytime, as long as you do our laundry.

Take care.

We were not paid to mention Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

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  1. says

    That’s one amazing laundry room. I love the color and all of the light that you get from the window. You have a ton of good storage and I know when you get it all decorated it is going to be wonderful! Oh, the hanging rod is a great idea!
    Thanks for coming to the THT party.

  2. says

    Love all your cute laundry room accessories….. the sewing machine folding table, the crock and the tin cannister too!
    Wish my laundry room looked out over a historic park!
    How lovely for you!

  3. says

    Oh, oh it’s beautiful!!! I am obsessed with laundry rooms (it’s weird and I don’t know what’s wrong with me) and yours is so bright and the accessories are great. Thanks for sharing!