Small Change/Big Impact

Author:  Autumn

Isn’t it fun to do a little tweaking on a piece of furniture, spend just a little money, and get big satisfaction from the results?  I did that just last week.

IMG 0208 430x286 - Small Change/Big Impact

I have had this walnut Victorian dresser with a marble top for at least 20 years, and it was ancient when I found it at an antique store here in Lexington.  I never liked the knobs on it.  They made it seem too heavy and well, too Victorian.

IMG 0209 430x286 - Small Change/Big Impact

When we moved into our new place, we put it in the upstairs foyer because its marble top repeated the marble floors we put in all of the bathrooms and the marble countertops in the kitchen.  But those pulls just kept pulling at me.  They weren’t right.

IMG 0210 430x286 - Small Change/Big Impact

I decided to remove them and change up the look with pulls that were more traditional than Victorian.  A trip to Home Depot later, and I had just what I needed.  However, when I removed the old pulls, the holes were too big for the new screws.  They went right through.

IMG 0211 430x286 - Small Change/Big Impact

But that was okay.  It was an easy fix, even if it wasn’t one a carpenter, furniture repair man, or Mr. Autumn would have done.   I cut two thicknesses of manilla folder, put a hole in it, and put the screw through.  That is all it took to keep it from coming through that big hole.

IMG 0212 430x286 - Small Change/Big Impact

IMG 0216 430x286 - Small Change/Big Impact

I did this with all six of the new pulls, and it worked perfectly.

IMG 0219 430x286 - Small Change/Big Impact

And now the chest has a fresh look that I like much better.

IMG 0218 430x286 - Small Change/Big Impact

How do you like it?  Have you done any easy updates lately?

Take care.

I wasn't paid by Home Depot to mention them in this blog.

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  1. donna says

    Truly gorgeous piece of furniture. The burled wood stands out more with the simpler knobs. Great job Mrs. Autumn!

  2. says

    Very beautiful piece of furniture, & the new hardware is perfect. Clever fix! Yes, I do things like that, but more often it is a paint-fix. If there is a small hole or a scratch in something that we no longer have the paint for, I pull out my rather large selection of craft paints & start mixing until I have a good match.

  3. says

    Much better. Those pretty knobs give it a much lighter feel. Thanks for the tip on how to get the screws to stay in place. I love the finish on this beauty.

  4. Amanda Miller says

    Love it! Have you tackled painting the big armoire in the breezeway yet? I’m interested to see how that turns out.