No More Pink Whites

Author:  Autumn

Mr. Autumn and I have been married a long time – a long time.  And for a long time of that long time, we have had four separate baskets for dirty clothes.  One is for blacks, one for whites, one for pastels, and one for my delicates.  But, for some reason, Mr. Autumn could only hit two baskets – no matter what color his clothes were.

When we moved into our new digs three weeks ago, I asked him why he only put his dirty clothes into two baskets, and he swore up and down that we only have two baskets for dirty clothes – black and white.  I had to bring in reinforcements, in the form of our two children,  to back me up when I tried to convince him that for most of our marriage we have had four, yes four, dirty clothes baskets.

That’s when I came up with a plan.  I would label the baskets.  Yep, that should do it.

IMG 0187 430x286 - No More Pink Whites

Do you see that white item in among those dark clothes?  I do, too.  The other person living in our home can’t see a problem with it.  That’s why the labels are needed.

IMG 0174 430x286 - No More Pink Whites

So, when I started the process, the first thing I did was select a computer font and size that would work on home-made labels.

IMG 0175 430x286 - No More Pink Whites

Then I printed it out on a sheet of scrap booking paper with the colors I use in our entire house – yellow, blue, red, and green.

IMG 0180 430x286 - No More Pink Whites

I wanted the labels to be oval, so, I used a diffuser from one of my teapots to work as a template.

IMG 0182 430x286 - No More Pink Whites

Then I cut them out.

IMG 0184 430x286 - No More Pink Whites

I goofed on the next step.  I intended to cover both sides in clear contact paper, but I bought the wrong paper.  Instead I used a peel and stick laminate but only on one side.  Instead of being clear, it is white.  It worked, but I could only use it on the back side.

IMG 0185 430x286 - No More Pink Whites

I used the same diffuser to cut out the laminated paper for backing, also.

IMG 0188 430x286 - No More Pink Whites

Next, I punched a hole in the upper left corners, threaded a piece of twine through them, and hung them on our laundry baskets.

IMG 0190 430x286 - No More Pink Whites

And just like that, I easily solved a problem.  Now, there will be no more surprises when I open the washing machine.  All of the whites will be white.


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    Cute idea! I hope Mr Autumn will use them. lol
    Dropping by from Met Monday. I hope you’ll come see the safari nursery.