Yellow Isn’t Just For Buses

Author:  Autumn

Following the entries on the colors red and purple that I posted a few weeks ago, let’s go with yellow today.  It’s one of my favorite colors and oh, so happy.  Some of these colors might be a stretch, so, work with me.

Yellow daffodils bloom in a Dutch bulb field.

A vintage Citron is parked on the street during a Dutch market day.

A yellow Dutch bicycle with a leopard skirt guard is at the same market.

This French field is on fire with spring blossoms.

A Cambodian statue at Ankor Wat is dressed for a holiday.

Isn’t this a sweet little bowl from Pier 1?

This gold temple is in Laos.

My past entries on color featured two photos of work by  Dale Chihuly, as does this one.

A yellow sculpture is part of Chihuly’s glass exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden.

I took the photo of these fading yellow pansies in a Paris park.

Though not technically yellow, a yellowish hue is cast from this poem by Robert Frost at his summer house in New Hampshire.

Gouda cheese is processing at a Dutch cheese farm.

A slight yellow is being reflected on the water as the sun rises over a Dutch lake.



  1. Beth says

    Pull out all of your yellow Hall’s teapot for us to see–thanks you have brightened my day!!