Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Author:  Autumn

A few weeks ago, I showed you some before photos of our pantry.  The former owner’s tastes were/are completely different from mine, so, even though we loved the space, we gutted the pantry along with everything else.

Here is a before photo to refresh your memory:

DSCF0860 242x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Despite the fact that the kitchen was red and gold, the pantry was painted lavendar.  He had wire shelves for storage and stock cabinets.  The floors were a Pergo-like wood.

Much of the space on this side of the room was taken up with the wall that was built to house the laundry shoot, which we removed.

DSCF0861 242x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Through this door is our new pantry.  Come on in.

IMG 0121 215x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

We added a frosted door to allow light to enter the windowless room.

IMG 0153 215x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Yep, it’s the same room.  Let me give you a little tour.  First of all, the cabinets that were in the kitchen when we bought the townhouse were custom-made by a local furniture maker.  The quality was/is excellent, but the contemporary lines just weren’t my taste.  We had them painted white and moved them to the pantry.  We added new hardware and had to be creative with the layout so they could fit in.

IMG 0123 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

You can see that I added a small bar sink to the pantry.  The crocks on the left hold flour, sugar, and 10x sugar.  This area is the bake station.  Because our mixer is so heavy, I thought it would be great to create this space just for mixing  the cakes, cookies, pies, candies, and breads that I bake.  The sink provides water  that I will need for the recipes, and I won’t have to carry the mixer to the adjacent kitchen.  The area to the left of the bake station is my office.

IMG 01251 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

I collect Hall’s tea pots and have over 50 of them.  The shelves were installed to hold some of them.  I rotate them, depending on the season.  Right now all of the blue teapots are in the kitchen hutch.

IMG 0128 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

The faucets on the bake station sink match the rest of the faucets we selected for the house.

IMG 0139 215x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

The cabinet above the mixing area holds baking needs.

IMG 0141 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Below the mixer is a lazy Susan.  There were two of these moving shelves, but I removed the bottom one to utilize some wasted corner space.  The top shelf holds the blue jars that I use for storing foods like rice, couscous, legumes, etc.

IMG 0130 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

By having a pantry, we can keep the microwave off of the kitchen counter top.  When we were working on the plan, I made sure there would be room in this corner for my old ice box.

IMG 0149 215x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Because this is Kentucky, I think it is fitting to use an old wooden stirrup to hold some napkins like these on top of the ice box.

IMG 0129 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

We had a peg board hung on the wall to the right of the entrance.  It holds the pots and pans, along with shopping bags, and other necessary kitchen items.

IMG 0132 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

There is a storage shelf all around the room.  It is a great place to display old mixing bowls, milk bottles, scales, and tea kettles.  I will change these items out occasionally to keep it interesting.

IMG 0133 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Here is another view.

IMG 0144 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Do you see that shelf between the two cabinets?  It was a dead space, so, I asked our builder to build a shelf there.  It is perfect for holding the bread machine, the Keurig coffee maker, onions, and potatoes.  The cabinet doors hide the cake pans, cookies sheets and pie pans so that they are always near.

IMG 0126 215x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Here is a closer view.

IMG 0127 215x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

This is an old French crate that holds the potatoes.

IMG 0134 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Because the cabinets weren’t made for this room, we had to be creative in the way we set it up.  This is my desk area with a counter-height “desk.”  There are drawers for my files and stationery.  The cabinets above even have a charging station to rejuice the camera, cell phone, and ipod. The counter is open on the bottom, but I am going to make a curtain to cover it eventually.

IMG 0146 215x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

I saw an ad on Savvy Southern Style’s blog for an on-line store called CSN.  I checked it out and found this perfect counter-height stool to use as my desk chair.  It is very comfy.

IMG 0138 430x286 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

The counter top is a laminate product in a mottled gray that looks like concrete.  We installed carrara marble in our kitchen, and this counter works well with it.  I like a feeling of continuity in all of our rooms.  We also selected a bluish gray for our kitchen’s pennisula, and the gray works well with it also.

IMG 0154 215x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Here is a better view of one of our Jane Keltner rugs.  I showed another one last week you can see it here.

IMG 0153 215x323 - Our New Kitchen Pantry Reveal

So, here is one more look.  Our next reveal will be our new kitchen.  I think you’ll like it.

Take care.

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  1. FABBY says

    Oh my goodness! This is the most gorgeous, functional, pretty and ample pantry I have ever seen!! I love everything you’ve put in it, the tea pot collection looks great in the pantry, it gives the decorative look! Just wonderful…congrats!! Hugs. FABBY

  2. says

    What an awesome pantry! I love the changes you made…the red pop is wonderful! I would love to have a space like this! You are so lucky! Angie xo

  3. says

    A lot of thought and work went in to making your baking/office/storage room in the former pantry. Thank you for sharing.
    – Joy

  4. says

    I love your renovated pantry space! You’ve used the space so efficiently yet left plenty of room for fun displays. I have an old stirrup that I use for napkins, just like you. I smiled when I saw it because I got the idea from my mom. I look forward to seeing your kitchen!

    I found you through Metamorphosis Monday.

  5. says

    You made all the right choices. Home run! Most of us would kill for a space like this. It’s just the right mix of practical functionality and charming decor.

    I think the frosted glass door is an idea that would work in plenty of other situations to keep rooms light, but still private.

  6. Kim @ Cheap Chic Home says

    Gorgeous pantry! I have never (that I recall) heard of Hall teapots. What a fabulous, pretty collection.

  7. says

    What a nice big pantry. I just have a closet. What a great collection of tea pots. Love the red stool and glad my blog helped you find one. CSN is great.

  8. says

    What a great pantry! Must be nice to have so much room! You’ve organized and decorated it nicely. Love the stirrup idea. Hope you’ll drop by and see the kitchen floor Jane wrote about.


  9. says

    I am totally amazed that this is a townhouse with a PANTRY like this!!!!! It is gorgeous, you did a great job! I would LOVE to ahve a space like this. I am a “dishaholic” so could fill this rrom with DISHES:):) Can’t wait to see the kitchen! XO, Pinky

    • says

      We were lucky enough to find a townhouse that was 2700 sq. ft. Plus, we finished the basement and added a huge mud room, so, now we are over 3000 sq. ft. The only thing we gave up were the rooms we didn’t use – an extra guest room, the formal living room, dining room and the yard work.

  10. envoy-ette says

    Holy Cow! This is a PANTRY??! Oh- I’ve got a lusting now….especially for that teapot shelf!

  11. says

    What a wonderful transformation! You can tell you put a lot of thought into the layout and function of the pantry. Love the teapot collection too! Thanks for joining my party and have a great holiday weekend.