Baby Henry’s Nautical Nursery

Author:  Spring

Now, don’t worry.  This is not a nursery for me.  I am staying plenty busy with our new puppy, Gracie.  You can see pictures and read about her here.  Mr. Spring has been on puppy duty since I have been traveling for my day job on week days for the last two months.

I have been working in Dayton, Ohio. While I have been missing  Mr. Spring and Gracie, I have been able to spend some time with one of my best friends from high school.  She lives outside of Dayton with her husband and two adorable boys, ages three and 16 months.  She is 32 weeks pregnant with baby boy number three.  As newlyweds five years ago, she and her husband bought a starter home, and with the expanding family, they are quickly outgrowing it.   They plan to purchase a larger house soon, but they are going to wait till after the baby is born.

Theirs is a three bedroom house, and currently the two boys share a room called “Two Boys,” and the third bedroom is a playroom.  She wanted to keep the playroom but incorporate a nursery for the new baby into it.  So, one half is organized into a play area, and the other half is a nursery.

PlayroomHere is the playroom where the boys have their toys.

She decided to do a simple nautical theme  on the nursery side so the new baby would have something of his own.  At the same time, she doesn’t want it  too elaborate since a move is in the near future. I helped her out with some projects, and now the nursery is ready and  waiting for the baby’s arrival.

Nursery Before

The nursery before.

Nursery before

The first project that we tackled was to paint a letter “H” for the baby’s first name, Henry.  In the two older boys’ room, each one has the first letter of his name above his bed.

H BeforeThis is just a simple cardboard H purchased from JoAnn’s.

H being paintedWe spray painted the H with a blue to fit in with the nautical theme.

The next project we worked on was framing cute sail boat pictures that my friend bought from Ebay.  These sail boat pictures were colorful, so, we decided to buy white mats and paint them a color that is in the pictures.  Our first idea was green, but after one was painted, we quickly realized that color wasn’t going to work.  After tossing that one, we decided a red mat was the way to go.  My friend already had  some frames on hand, but they were brown.  So, she painted them white.

Red MatThis was one coat of the red.  We did a couple of coats till we were happy with the coverage.

Frame afterHere is one of the completed pictures with the painted mat and frame.

After frames on wall

Four of these pictures are now hanging on the wall above the changing table.

On the other side, the crib is ready to go with the nautical sheets and bedskirt.  The H is up, and during this process, my friend found an oar that works great in the room.

After Oar and H

Isn’t it cute and perfect for a little boy?  But remember, on the other side of the room, the boys will still be able to play when their baby brother isn’t sleeping.

We plan to make a nautical mobile next week when I am back in town.  We have been planning how to make it.  Stayed tuned, and you will see how it turns out.





  1. Kerri Turner says

    Sayre’s baby room was done in the exact print. We had a lot of fun painting it and decorating.