Our New Sun Room

Author:  Autumn

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Our new porch at our new place isn’t actually a porch.  It is a sun room that the former owner installed.  When we purchased the place last December, the sun room was bitter cold, and the floor was covered with a 1980’s vintage blue tile.   We ripped the tile out and had workers spend many hours patiently scraping the remaining mortar from the brick floor that was hiding underneath.  We realized it wouldn’t be perfect, but the brick, even with its imperfections, is such an improvement over the tile.  We also removed the ceiling fan and replaced the arts and crafts-like light.

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Having a sun room attached to our town house takes me back to my bicycle ride through England last September.  Even the plainest of houses had fancy solariums.  I love the way they look so romantic and inviting.  The French doors on the left go into the great room, and the doors in the back open into the kitchen.

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Though it is quite small, I have created a cozy sitting area where I spend time drinking my morning tea and listening to the birds chirp in the early evening.  I am sitting in the sun room right now while I write this blog entry.   Take a look.

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I bought this wicker sofa at an estate auction years ago when we returned home from living in Europe.  It was quite pricey for a poor newly wed, but we have enjoyed it every year since then.  We had the cushions covered in red and cream striped ticking that zip off for washings.  The pillow in the center is from IKEA, and I made the others.

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This wicker chair is a hand-me-down from our son, of all people.  He had it in a guest room, and when he sold that house, he gave it to me.  The little picnic tin is from my mother.  The pillow came from Country Curtains a few years ago.

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This old trunk is the first antique I bought after we were married.  It was a total of $5.00!!!  I have had it many different colors, but a few years ago, Mr Autumn surprised me and had it restored by a trunk specialist.  The inside is covered in a nice plaid Ralph Lauren wallpaper.

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Can you guess what this bucket was used for?

IMG 0069 430x286 - Our New Sun Room

Here is a different view.  Can you guess now?  Give up?  It is an old French mop bucket.

IMG 0070 430x286 - Our New Sun Room

I love Jane Keltner rugs and have several.  I switch them around in our house.  This has a nice look for an outdoor space.

IMG 0071 e1307233663684 681x1024 - Our New Sun Room

Here is a close-up of the center.

IMG 00941 681x1024 - Our New Sun Room

This little mahogany table is one of a set of three nesting tables from Mr. Autumn’s late aunt.  I like the way it adds a touch of formality to the room and also the way it tucks into the small space between the sofa and chair.

IMG 0095 430x286 - Our New Sun Room

It is topped with a  lamp and these cute coasters I found in a bin at Michaels for only 50 cents.

IMG 0072 430x286 - Our New Sun Room

My mom gave me some old feed sacks last year, and I made some pillows out of them.

IMG 0074 430x286 - Our New Sun Room

The fabric for these two pillows came from ABC carpet in New York City.  What a great store!

IMG 0076 430x286 - Our New Sun Room

Ahhhh!!  I bought these wooden shoes on our first cycling trip in Holland.  We have returned for cycling trips there seven years in a row.  The farmers really do wear these shoes.  I took a photo of a farmer walking down the road in a pair this past spring.  His wooden shoes were colorful, though.

IMG 0077 430x286 - Our New Sun Room

The best thing I like about our new sunroom is that when I look up, I can see our sweet bay magnolia tree.  It should be blooming any day now.

I hope you enjoyed our new hang-out.  Stop by anytime for a glass of lemonade.

Take care.

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    Love your sunroom~ it is absolutely charming! Would love for you to come share this at Feathered Nest Friday sometime! Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. says

    Hi Autumn! Just popping in to tell you what a sweet, cozy place you’ve created! I just adore the brick floors with the brick walls. It really adds alot of warmth to that space! ๐Ÿ™‚

    xoxo laurie

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    This is such a lovely welcoming spot. I of course, love your wicker pieces and pillows, Now I just want to see the inside of that wonderful trunk. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF! xo Debra

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    Love, love, love your sun porch. I wish my screened deck was glassed in also, but for now I just enjoy it while I can.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful, cozy porch.

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    Wonderful room! Just discovered your blog when you commented on mine, and am really enjoying seeing your new home. I always enjoy making a new house our own and seeing how others do it.