First Reveal at Our New House

Author:  Autumn

Greetings, all.  When I gave you a before tour of our new place,  one of the places I showed you was the blue closet in the master bedroom.  Keep this in mind because it was teamed with orangish/mauve carpet.

When we started our six-month long remodeling project, it was one of the areas we tackled – along with every other space in the place.

Here is a before photo of the closet:

DSCF0876 242x323 - First Reveal at Our New House

It doesn’t look too great does it?  Well, it wasn’t.  And to make things even worse, the trap door for the attic was in the ceiling.  Can you see it in the photo?  That meant every time a repairman would need to service our second floor air conditioner or furnace, he would have to drag his ladder and tools through my closet to get to the attic.  That wasn’t a good plan, and thanks to my husband, the trap door was moved to our new laundry room which was built on the second floor.

Okay, so, here is my new closet:

IMG 0002 430x286 - First Reveal at Our New House

We had a closet organization shop customize it for me.

IMG 0001 430x286 - First Reveal at Our New House

Look at all of those shelves.  I asked the designers to use every inch of space.

IMG 0003 215x323 - First Reveal at Our New House

You can catch a glimpse of the hardwood floors that replaced the previous owner’s carpet.

IMG 0004 215x323 - First Reveal at Our New House

If you look at the ceiling in this shot, you’ll notice the trap door is gone as is the moon light.

You can bet that since these photos were taken, I have moved my clothes in.  They all have matching hangers, and I have color-coded them.  And here is the best part.  The top drawer of the drawer unit is lined and sectioned for my jewelry.  Perfect.

We were able to use some wasted space at the top of the stair landing and build a twin closet for my husband.  He has never had a big closet before and is having trouble wrapping his brain around so much space.

So, if you are looking for me at my place, I’ll be in the closet.

Take care.

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  1. Beth says

    Lookin’ Good!!! I loved my recent house tour at Chez Janette’s & Mike’s !!

  2. says

    WOWZA! I have some serious closet envy going on right now. Sadly, my older home has limited closet space. In fact instead of a laundry room I even have a laundry closet! I love what your designer did. Doesn’t look like there is one inch of wasted space. I bet that makes getting ready in the morning so easy! Great job!!!