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Author:  Autumn

Greetings from our new address.  We are still living in the middle of a mountain of boxes, and workers are still coming and going, but W.E.  A.R.E.   I.N. our new place and sleeping and cooking here.  Jordan stopped in for the week-end since she has been working in a nearby city and helped us unpack and organize.  That explains our blog absence for the past few days.  But let’s get on to today’s subject…….

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I really enjoy a cup of hot tea.  One or two cups in the morning and maybe one in the late afternoon make me a happy camper.  Loose English breakfast tea or Irish breakfast tea are my favorites, and I order them in bulk from the San Francisco Herb Company.  (By the way, you can order essential oils, herbs and spices in bulk, and many kinds of tea for great prices).  Jordan and I visited the shop, which is more like a warehouse, when she lived in San Francisco a few years back.  It was pure joy.

San Francisco Herb Co. provides wholesale pricing on bulk spices, herbs, teas, potpourri and other gourmet, organic products.

Although there are tons of little inventions to help you steep a nice cup of tea, I found something I really like and have been using them for years.  Let me introduce you to T- Sacs.

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These are little tea bags that you fill with your favorite tea.  They come in sizes for one, two, three, or four cups which means you can brew a cup for yourself or brew a pot to share with friends.  They are available at several sites on-line which you can find by searching for tea sacs.  I hope you enjoy this product recommendation, but please remember that we were not compensated in any way for sharing this info with you.

Take care.

Images from www.sfherb.com and amazon.com



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    What a lovely setting for your high tea…I could definitely second the once a month plan…or ever once a week. Such a wonderful way to slow down and enjoy your beautiful daughter’s company, too.