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I have been working in Ohio for a few weeks, and on a recent day off, I was able to meet up with my mom (Autumn) at the Ikea store  near Cincinnati.

We had a nice day browsing and looking at the new spring items Ikea has introduced.  We found a bunch of really cute trays, along with some lanterns, rugs, curtains, and other accessories that I thought were really fun.  Despite not using a flash, we had a hard time taking photos without a glare from the huge overhead lights.  Hope you don’t mind.  Take a look.


This cute tray was denim blue.


I loved the way this tray had a spring vibe to it.


Black and white make this tray seem more like it is for the fall.  It would be great for Halloween combined with something orange.


I loved the plaids on these trays.  Most of the trays were plastic, and all were under $10.00.  Wouldn’t it be fun to use them as chargers? Each person could have a different colored charger and napkin, and it would be a perfect way to dress up your white dishes.


We thought this would be perfect for a decoupage project.  The flat part was made of a composite, and it was surrounded by wood.  Wouldn’t this be perfect for serving breakfast in bed?


I loved this metal tray.  It was so simple, but the detailing made it very interesting.  It would be perfect for anyone who would like to paint some flowers or another image onto it.  I can imagine it anchoring some similar items on a table or bar top.


Do these carafes remind you of something?  I thought about beakers used in high school science experiments when I saw their shape, but the pretty blue made them look so stylish. They would be nice for serving water in a guest bedroom or as a tiny flower vase.



I was surprised to see such a cute metal French-like pitcher since Ikea is a Swedish company.  It was around $10.00.  That was a great deal!  White or blue hydrangeas would look nice in it.


The trunk-sized wicker basket looked very old and had lots of character.  It would work at the foot of a bed, as a coffee or side table in the family room, or in a child’s room for toys.  The sky is the limit for storage uses.  One or two big faded numbers in a Euro font could be painted on its sides.

I picked up some items for a DIY project that I will share with you soon.

Our day at Ikea ended with a cone of their ice cream.  Since we live so far apart, it was nice to have a spontaneous visit with my mom.


We were not paid by Ikea to mention their products.




  1. Beth says

    Janette and Jordan – I love this blog! And your taste! Thanks so much for signing me up, and please keep it up!