Dutch Delights

Author:  Autumn

Want to enjoy some beautiful houses?  We saw these charming homes while riding our bicycles in Holland.  They sit along a riverside bicycle trail between Utrecht and Amsterdam.  (Please note that these photos were taken by me while on a moving bicycle.  Hey, I did my best!!!)

DSCF1800 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

Some sit back from the water among the trees.

DSCF1806 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

I would guess that they were built after World War II.  Some are rather simple.

DSCF1812 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

And some are quite grand.

DSCF1817 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

Most have little waterside gazebos furnished as sitting areas.  One appeared to be a music room with a baby grand piano.

DSCF1823 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

If you look closely, you can see that this one sits directly in the water.

DSCF1824 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

They have such control over their waterways, that being low and close to a river is not a liability.

DSCF1836 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

This house was so large that I couldn’t get all of it in the photo.

DSCF1837 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

This was my favorite with its espaliers in the front.

DSCF1835 768x1024 - Dutch Delights

We even came upon a wedding that had just finished.  Can you see the bride?

DSCF1802 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

Windmills are everywhere.

DSCF1843 1024x768 - Dutch Delights

Beautifully landscaped gardens are abundant, too.

These are just a few of the reasons the Netherlands is my favorite country.

Take care.