Meet the Amazing Gracie

Author:  Spring

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  We had a great one because this was the weekend we picked up our new puppy, Gracie. She is a German Shorthaired Pointer. We think she is the cutest thing, and we are having fun being new dog owners.  Since we are the proud “puppy parents”, I wanted to share some photos of the new lady in our house.

Gracie is nine weeks old, and we have read several books on how to raise a puppy so that we train and socialize her properly.  We are kennel-training her, and we have sectioned off a portion of our Florida room for her until she adjusts to our home. You can read about what our future plans for the Florida room here. We are going to replace the floor in that room in the near future, and so, any accidents she might have will not ruin anything.

Some more good news is that we finally finished the patio this weekend, and Gracie even helped to supervise. Mr. Spring worked really hard on this team effort. Once the weather clears up enough to take good pictures, I will post the completed patio photos.

Gracie 1

“Will you play catch with me?”

Gracie 2

“I may have a  ball in my mouth but, Ferret I’ve got my eye on you…”

Gracie 3

“I can’t wait to blog about this….moving this blanket will really make the room ‘POP!'”

Gracie 4

“Get this thing done! I want grilled meats!”

Gracie 5

“I’ll guard this weird looking brick till you come back”.

Gracie 6

“Oooo yeah, that is a tough cut to make….”

Isn’t she as cute as can be?




  1. Beth says

    I love this darlin’ Puppy-girl, Gracie is precious, I am a big fan of crate training!!

  2. Jan Smith says

    Gracie is adorable. I keep thinking about adding a dog to my life…your pics are no fair. They may push me over the edge!

  3. cassandra says

    CONGRATS……Gracie is ADORABLE…….You and Charles are going to be great puppy parents. And… are going to be busy. lol
    My brother had 2 of these wonderful dogs. They are great companions and hunters.
    They seem to do well when they have tasks to do. They are VERY sweet and VERY

  4. Amanda says

    Precious! I can’t wait until you bring her next week to visit-the boys are going to LOVE her!