Pops of Purple

Author:  Autumn

I just found some lovely spring photos in my archives that show shades of purple and lavendar at their best.

DSCF0562 430x323 - Pops of Purple

This was taken in a little village in France during a bicycle ride.

DSCF0564 430x323 - Pops of Purple

The irises are in the same village.

DSCF0441 430x323 - Pops of Purple

I took this photo of these violas in a garden in Paris.  I have a fondness for them because my grandmother’s name was Viola, and I was named after her.

DSCF0439 430x323 - Pops of Purple

These pansies were in a Parisian garden.

DSCF05751 768x1024 - Pops of Purple

I don’t know what kind of flowers these are, but they, too, were in a French village.

DSCF0567 768x1024 - Pops of Purple

Here is another wisteria bush in France.  Did you guess that we did that bicycle trip in the month of May?

DSC00944 - Pops of Purple

I was lucky enough to visit the New York Botanical Garden during a Dale Chihuly exhibit.  These glass balls and purple glass spheres were his works of art.

Botanical Garden NYC 088 - Pops of Purple

This flowering pot was on our patio in the house we just sold.  You can see how close we were to the pond.

DSCF0113 1024x730 - Pops of Purple

I took this photo of the wisteria at the local arboretum.

DSC00945 - Pops of Purple

This is another Chihuly creation at the NYC Botanical Garden.  Isn’t it just beautiful?  It’s hard to imagine that everything in the boat is made of glass.

Jordan is still doing some traveling for business this week, but we were lucky enough to meet up in Cincinnati on Monday for a trip to Ikea.  She will be writing a post about some things we saw that we liked.  And this Friday she has a great chicken salad for you.

Take care.



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    Janette, thanks so much for stopping by Bluskies! I admire your daughter greatly. It’s no small thing to raise that kind of money and do it by riding across the country!!!! Glad you enjoy riding as well. It’s a great sport.