Pillow Possibilities

Author:  Autumn

While Jordan is still traveling for business, I thought it would be fun to walk you through the process I followed when sewing a pillow for our new guest bedroom.

First, I selected a lively and bold floral fabric to use as for the welting.

DSCF18631 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

I cut strips of it on the diagonal and then sewed them together.

DSCF1867 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

The strips don’t really need to be that even because the edges will be trimmed.

DSCF1871 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

After they were sewn together, I ironed the seams and trimmed the excess.  Then I inserted a double strand of welting and used the zipper foot to sew the welting closed.

DSCF1868 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

The store only had one cord size, and I wanted the border to be wider.  So, doubling it was the easy fix.

DSCF1875 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

DSCF1876 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

Not messing up on this requires patience.

DSCF1869 242x323 - Pillow Possibilities

I always have my sewing machine how-to book nearby.  Sewing is really not my thing.

DSCF1877 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

Ahhhhh.  Success.

Then it was time for the next step.  I cut two squares of graphic fabric measuring 19 inches.  That allowed one inch for the seams so that a standard 18 inch down pillow could be used .

DSCF18641 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

I placed the right sides together and put the new welting between them.  Sewing slowly let me make sure that everything stayed lined up.  Afterwards, I inserted the 18 inch down pillow that I purchased at a fabric shop and closed the bottom by sewing it with a needle and thread.  Voila!  It turned out great.


1 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

I repeated the process with the two pieces of floral fabric that I had already cut into 19 inch squares.

11 430x323 - Pillow Possibilities

I don’t know why that photo appears out of focus.  Sorry for that.

Together, the two pillows will make a good impact in our guest room.

12 - Pillow Possibilities

It’s nice to complete some of these projects before moving in.  It will make the process easier, I hope!

Take care.

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  1. Carolyn Rasnick says

    Great job Janette! Love those two fabrics together. I think sewing is your thing! Martha Stewart doesn’t have anything on you!!!