Fabrics for the Guest Room

Author:  Autumn

When we decided to down-size to a townhouse, we found a place that has wonderful space.  The only things we are actually giving up by moving are the rooms we didn’t really use.  They were “walk-throughs,” but they still had to be cleaned and spiffed up weekly.

This townhouse has one, rather than two, guest bedrooms.  Since the guests using it will mostly be my children’s families, I want it to look young, fresh, and inviting.  I have this fear about decorating in a way that looks as if I couldn’t let go of things that we have but don’t necessarily need.  (That’s called clutter, isn’t it?)  So, my decorating approach to our new place is to use existing furnishings but in a new and updated way.  And anything I don’t need or want any longer either goes to one of our children, to Craigslist, or to the Restore.

Case in point:  For the guest bedroom, I plan to use the queen size bed, dust ruffle, and matelasse spread that I used in our other home.  But it will be updated with new pillows, a new quilt on the end, and crisp new sheets.

In a previous post, I shared our new colors with you.  If you recall, the guest bedroom will be Sherwin Williams mix of the color melted butter by Behr.  Here is another look at it:

778755412 125 - Fabrics for the Guest Room

I selected these fabrics to use for a shower curtain in the en suite bath and toss pillows for the bed.  They will work well with a navy gingham wing chair that will go in there.  Even though it might not appear so on the computer screen, the yellows are great together.  I live by the mantra a decorator taught me once:   “blendy, blendy, not matchy, matchy.”

DSCF18611 430x323 - Fabrics for the Guest Room
I made a shower curtain with the yellow stripe, which is actually an outdoor fabric.  I thought it would be a good and smart choice for a bathroom.   Pillows will be made with the other two fabrics.

DSCF1865 430x323 - Fabrics for the Guest Room

I must brag that I even made button holes for the shower curtain rings to go through.

DSCF1866 430x323 - Fabrics for the Guest Room

Here’s a close-up of the first button hole.  I didn’t lose my cool once, and they all turned out perfectly straight!  Yippee!

DSCF1863 430x323 - Fabrics for the Guest Room

I love this fabric because it has the main colors that I decorate around:  blues, greens yellows and reds.  Using the same colors throughout your home means you can easily move accessories and furniture from room to room to freshen your look. I call it “free decorating”, but my husband calls it confusing.  He never knows where a piece of furniture will show up next!  It also insures that your home will flow smoothly and you won’t feel as if you are in a different house each time you enter another room.

DSCF1864 430x323 - Fabrics for the Guest Room

This graphic fabric is very lively.  It will be a great pillow.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our new fabrics.  I will do a post later  showing how I made one of the pillows, which even includes welting made with a complementary fabric.

Take care.


  1. says

    I’ve totally been considering making my own shower curtain and I think I will now. Thanks for the push. I have a button hole maker on my machine that I’ve never used. It’s time. =)

    That zig zag fabric is totally a front runner for our dining room curtains, too. Good style we have.

    • says

      As I mentioned in the entry, I don’t consider myself a seamstress at all, but if you follow the directions in the book, you should be able to master making button holes.