Paint Colors for Our New Place

Author:  Autumn

Jordan will be traveling for business the next few weeks and will blog when she can, so meanwhile, you’ll be mostly reading my posts.  But with our upcoming move, I have lots to write about.  For instance:

Paint can make such a statement.  It can make a room or ruin a room.  It is such a personal thing.  A color that one person loves might nauseate someone else.

I probably spent a hundred dollars on paint samples, and it drove me batty.  Even after making selections with my decorating friend’s assistance, the choices were still a challenge.  When there is no furniture in a room to take your attention away from just the color, it seems to play a bigger role.  I had samples mixed, then returned to the store to have the pigments decreased because I became insecure.  I don’t think I’ll use the paint samples in the future.  My easiest selection was when I bypassed the samples and just picked a color based on a color card.

DSCF1516 430x323 - Paint Colors for Our New Place

These are the paint samples that made my selections harder.

DSCF1518 430x323 - Paint Colors for Our New Place

When selecting the colors for our new place, I wanted to make sure the rooms would flow smoothly together and feel like one cohesive unit.  I only went against my rule with the guest room, and I’ll explain that later.

I wanted a serene neutral background and decided to go with the taupe family teamed with soft blues.  I realize that gray is all the rage now, but it will be used on the kitchen island as an accent.

So, for the upstairs foyer, the master bedroom, and Mr. Autumn’s first floor office, I selected Buckram Binding, by Sherwin Williams.  We used SW for all of our paints.

SW0036 Buckram Binding

For the master bath, office bath and kitchen ceiling, I chose Iceberg by SW.  It is the softest shade of blue I could find.  I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about painted ceilings and how I am not a fan, but this shade on our kitchen ceiling is perfection.  It blends perfectly with the tile flooring in the kitchen’s adjoining solarium.

Sherwin-Williams Iceberg

The guest room will be Melted Butter, which is a color by Behr.  Sherwin Williams matched it for us.  The guest room gets the morning sun, and this color is really lively in that light.  But as the day wears on, the color softens.  We used the same color in the guest bath.  I deviated from the blues/taupes here because we had this color in the guest room of our previous house, and I loved it.  Our guests will mostly be young families, and I want a youthful room for them that they can relate to.

8 oz. Melted Butter Interior/Exterior Paint Tester # 300A-3

I was not quite sure about a color that had been originally been chosen for the powder room and for the laundry room.  Then I saw Benjamin Moore’s Palladiun Blue when looking at an article in a recent Traditional Home magazine.  I knew it was the one right away.  It is heavenly.  Sherwin Williams matched it for me.

MPC00005961 2 - Paint Colors for Our New Place

The foyer, kitchen, and great room all flow together and need to be the same color.  My easiest choice of all was this color which I chose from loving it on the paint chip.  It is another SW paint called Stucco.  Love, love, love it!  It is slightly lighter than the Buckram Binding, and they work perfectly together.


SW7569 Stucco

So, there you have it.  They all work and flow well together and look great with a semi-gloss enamel called Pure White, again by SW, on all of the woodwork and doors.



  1. Beth says

    Well you know how much I love my Pallaidian Blue
    bedroom–we are having a Wonderful time, lunch today at Laduree–
    Loved it. Tomorrow is our last day, so we are going to split up then meet in the afternoon for a snack, the the boat cruise and home. See you soon. Beth

  2. Carolyn Rasnick says

    That is a lovely color palette you have chosen and it all looks very pretty together. I can relate to the angst of choosing paint. It is difficult to choose, especially given how it can change from daytime to evening and all times in between. You have done a masterful job at honing in on some great colors and I can’t wait to see how it all looks together. Sounds like you are getting very close now! Exciting times!