All the Queen’s Horses, Part 1

Author:  Autumn

Last September  Mr. Autumn and I , along with another couple, rode our bicycles from the bottom of England to the top of Scotland.  England is a hilly country, and it was a grueling but beautiful ride.  Unfortunately, we had only one day without rain on the entire three-week adventure.

Afterwards, my husband and I spent three days in London for some R & R and to visit our friends, Becky and Ian, who are lucky enough to live there.  I was thrilled  because the queen was out of town on her summer respite to Balmoral.  And when the Queen is away, Buckingham Palace opens its doors to visitors.  Becky was able to get two tickets, so, she and I spent a glorious morning touring the Queen’s private art gallery, the palace’s public rooms, and the mews where her horses, carriages, and cars are kept.

Despite the gloomy weather, I was able to get a few pictures that are blog worthy.  It seems appropriate to share them with you this week since so many of us are counting down the days till the royal wedding Friday.

Queen Horses

There were many carriages parked for display in the mews.  Even then, they were spotless.  News accounts report that the staff has been spending hours cleaning and polishing the carriages in prep of the royal wedding.  I can’t imagine that they could be any cleaner than they were that day.

Queen horses

This was one of the oldest cars parked in the garage.  Some of the cars were gifts from the leaders of other countries and are quite old.  Despite their age, they were immaculate.

Queen horses

I think this is the carriage Princess Diana rode in for her trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral on her wedding day.

Queen horses

It wouldn’t be too bad being a horse and living in this barn would it?  In fact, the word “barn” just doesn’t seem fancy enough.  I guess that is why they call them the “mews.”

Queen horses

Here are some more of her fancy carriages.

Take care.


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    What a wonderful blog, and life experiences!! Glad you found mine, now I’ll follow yours! ….

    I’d call that barn an Equestrian Chateau

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    Hello Janette
    What a wonderful trip this must have been. I enjoyed your photos.

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch and thank you for your lovely comment. I have not had any photography classes. I do a lot of research and practice, every day, though.

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    Janette, this is so cool! I love this concept and can’t wait to find out my score!! (Found you at Eddie’s)

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