Painted Ceilings – Yay or Nay?

Author:  Autumn

Are you in the painted ceilings camp, or are you a purest?  It seems to me people are either all or nothing on this question.  They either LOVE them or HATE them.

apainted+ceilingsO%2520CEIL%2520TRAY - Painted Ceilings - Yay or Nay?

This taupe colored ceiling defines the tub area of the bathroom.

Case in point:  My decorator friend Beth of “The Lone Rearranger” is a lover of using the fifth room surface to its fullest and paints every ceiling.  Each time she came into my last house, the first words out of her mouth, even before hello, were “You’ve gotta paint these ceilings.”  She is so convinced that I will love a painted ceiling, that she offers to pay to have someone paint it back to white if I don’t love it.

domino painted ceiling%5B1%5D - Painted Ceilings - Yay or Nay?

The soft blue here does look very serene.

A few weeks ago Beth helped me finalize my color selections for our new townhouse.  Together, we chose a soft bluish gray for the ceilings – most of them.  After she left, I went to Sherwin Williams and had the color mixed for a sample size, and I had the pigment reduced by half and had another sample size mixed.  I went back to the townhouse, painted various  ceilings with both samples and waited.  I wanted to see how they captured the light during different times of the day.  After several days of watching and thinking, I came to my conclusion. I didn’t like them.  (Sorry Beth!)   I agree that the wonderful crown moldings would pop! with color on the ceilings, but I just can’t go there.

apainted+ceilingsMasterCeilingBlue2 - Painted Ceilings - Yay or Nay?

You have to admit that the crown molding does pop in this deep blue room, but maybe not in a good way.

alicia b designs2 - Painted Ceilings - Yay or Nay?

Someone is making a statement here.

painted ceiling - Painted Ceilings - Yay or Nay?

Without moldings, these ceilings and walls blend together.

However, and this is crazy, there is kitchen inspiration picture that I have been carrying around for over a year, and it has a soft blue ceiling, and I L.O.V.E. it.  So, I guess I am not a purest after all because today the paint crew is working in our kitchen, and the new ceiling is going to be (gulp) a very light hint of blue!   Our new pennisula/island  is a soft bluish gray with a distressed white glaze, and that color combined with the remaining white cabinets will be perfection.  Plus, the blue ceiling will look great with Lulubelle, whom I wrote about here.

So, what are you?  A lover of painted ceilings or not so much.  Leave an answer in the comment form below.  We would love to know how you feel about it.

Take care.

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  1. says

    Hi Ladies!

    I think you made the right decision to add just a sweet little bit of blue on your new ceilings. It’s like adding a little bit of heaven in a room to me!

    I do like some painted ceilings, but not all. I think it’s wonderful when it adds to a room’s decor and depth, but I don’t usually love it when it steals the show and overpowers a room. It’s a ceiling after all, and that shouldn’t be a focal point …. but that’s just one girl’s opinion!

    Great post! Love the photos and the thought provoking topic!

  2. Beth says

    You know I love the Bathroom–I would have picked a lighter grey, but it gives great depth–about the Navy–You are so right, a friend tried this in her bedroom-eeks!!–when she saw my blue bedroom she switched. I room in the picture is lovely, but it looks over-decortated and I don’t think it is ‘livable’ Great blog!!

  3. says

    I go back and forth about painted ceilings. I was “this close” to doing it in the dining room because we have dark walls and beautiful huge white crown moulding. But, I chickened out. 😉

  4. donna says

    We recently finished our huge renovation/addition here in 5 points. Every single room has a painted ceiling, different than the wall and not white. I love them. but was very unsure. Most are Edgecomb Gray a Benjamin Moore color. my bedroom is Quiet Moments, also BM ~ LOVE this one. keeping room Mesquite, and the adjoining kitchen is Nantucket Breeze. All are soft shades and do not stand out to make a statement. They simply enhance the warmth of the room. This was not my idea at all…….but I am so glad I was talked into it. xoxoxo, Donna