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Author:  Spring

Darts are a fun game I started  playing  with my roommates when we lived in San Francisco.  We lived on the same block as a great Irish pub where  I learned to play a dart game called  “cricket”.

I bought a simple dart board a couple years ago, and it has just been sitting on a shelf in the basement of our new house.  I wasn’t sure where we were going to hang it until getting a great idea  one day while doing laundry.  We had a basement wall we were using for hanging sports equipment, mops, brooms, and lots of tools.   It had no other use, and those other items could easily be relocated to our shelf area in the back of the room.  So, the first step was to remove everything and put it in a new place.

Wall before

After removing the gear there were a lot of nails which I had to remove from the wall.

Wall cleared

At this point, it wasn’t look too good.

Nails from wall

Here are some of the nails that I removed from the wall.

Close up of wall

Once I pulled out the nails, I used spackle to fill in the holes.

Wall with woodfiller

It didn’t take too long to fill all of the holes.   When they dried, I sanded them down and prepped the wall for painting.

Ist coat of paint

We had some left over chalk board paint in the basement from the previous owner so I decided to use it and painted away.  I applied two coats of the chalk board paint, letting them dry after each.

Darts no score 811x1024 - Game Playing

Here is the painted wall where we mounted the dart board at regulation height.

Darts finished 768x1024 - Game Playing

Now we can play a game of “cricket” in the comfort of our home, since the little Irish pub is over 3,000 miles away.   I need some more practice, though.  Mr. Spring beat me on this round.



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    Hello! In my family its the males who are playing darts most of the time. The females are left chatting and doing other things. It’s good to discover that there are brave females who play it!