Our Wedding Photos – One Year Later


This week-end  is Mr. Spring’s and my first wedding anniversary, and we are celebrating it with a two-week trip to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Please enjoy the following photos.  First, I have put a link for a three-minute wedding slide show.  Make sure your speakers are on, because the music enhances the photos.

Link for slideshow http://www.ericgraf.com/shows/hurd/



Photo from Eric Graf Photography.

This is my favorite photo.



Do not distribute or use without written permission from Eric Graf Photography.

The historic church was built on land donated by Mary Todd Lincoln’s father.



Photo from Eric Graf Photography.

I look very serious as my mother helps me with my necklace.



Photo permission from Eric Graf Photography.

The garter I wore was given to me by Mr. Spring’s grandmother.  It was my something blue and my something old.



Photo permission from Eric Graf Photography.

Little bouquets of flowers hung from every other pew.  The entire church smelled like the flowers.  The florist did an outstanding job with the flowers.  I especially liked the garland that surrounded the entrance to the church.  My mostly orchid bouquet was long and elegant and resembled the flowers Princess Diana carried on her wedding day.



Photo from Eric Graf Photography.

I don’t look like a nervous bride in this photo.



Photo permission from Eric Graf Photography.

My groom doesn’t look nervous either.



Photo from Eric Graf Photography.

Our greeter, “Smoothie”,  had her own flowers.  Most of our guests were from out of town, and we thought this would be a nice Kentucky touch.



Photo from Eric Graf Photography.

We walked through the traditional sword arch before leaving for the reception.  We had to kiss each time so we could walk down the path.  In the background you can see the floral garland that surrounded the church’s old wooden doors.



Photo from Eric Graf Photography.

We made a sign to lead our guests to a container filled with “dance shoes.”  We tied flip flops with ribbons so that sore feet wouldn’t be an excuse for not dancing.  Since we were married, we could finally use our custom-designed monogram that was an engagement gift from my parents.



Photo from Eric Graf Photography.

We made menu cards for our sit-down dinner that included stuffed shrimp and filet mignon.  Instead of wedding cake, we had New York cheesecake because my husband grew up in NYC and requested it.  It was a huge hit.  The mansion where we had our reception was used for the filming of several scenes in the movie, “Secretariat”.



Photo from Eric Graf Photography.

We have an exciting life ahead of us.



All photos here were taking by photographer Eric Graf from Louisville, KY.


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    Hello! I discovered your blog from Savvy Southern Style. It’s my first time to see a mother and daughter who both teamed up for a blog. It’s a great idea!

    I love your wedding pictures. It’s so dramatic and elegant. I was amazed when you were pictured while jumping over a green grass with all those flowers. It’s a priceless pic for keeps.

    I like the venue of your wedding too. Being surrounded with all those trees, grass and the blue sky is magnificent. I hope we could develop a connection by following each others blogs. I am enjoying browsing your unique mother -daughter blog. I wish you a Happy WEdnesday!

    Happy 1st wedding anniversary too!

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    I’m thrilled that you joined us for the Wedding Blog Party fun! Your wedding was such a spectacular event! I love all the attention to details. You make such a handsome couple! Love your gown and bouquet! The venue for both the wedding and reception were incredibly beautiful. Love the monogram!! And the sweet horse greeter was such a special touch ~ and yes, I noticed the flowers in her bridle immediately!

    Hope the two of you are having a wonderful 1st anniversary!

    Thanks so much for joining and sharing with us all! My out of town relatives are gone now, so I’m free to visit and revisit everyone’s lovely wedding posts!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents