Door Hardware? Check

Author:  Autumn

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called “Bad Brass” (here) and vented my frustrations about selecting door hardware for our new place.  There are so many selections, and choosing the wrong one could mean an investment of thousands of dollars that could be out of style in a year or two.

I asked for opinions in that post, and those of you who responded, and thank you for that, replied with the sage advice to select what we like and forget about the trends.

Well, that is just what we did.  After making several visits to the Baldwin Brass center here, (we always knew the brand would be Baldwin Brass), we made our selection.

But before we go on, let me point out that some of the big box stores sell “Baldwin” hardware, which is made by the same company, but is a watered down/lower quality version of Baldwin Brass. It’s another one of those “same, same but different situations” I mention from time to time.

We selected a lever style because it is so classic and reminds us of living in Switzerland early in our marriage.  All of our door knobs there were levers, and we carried the look into all of the homes we have built or remodeled here in the good ole USA.  And by the way, Baldwin is an American owned company, and the products are made in Pennsylvania.

Baldwin LogoBaldwin 5445.PASS

Isn’t it a nice classic style that is both masculine and feminine?  Mr. Autumn is very tall, and the lever fits perfectly in his oversized hands.  This is the same style we had in our last house, also, and we loved it there.

Now, as for the finish, we chose something that we haven’t seen anywhere.  We fell in love with it and are thrilled that it is not a trendy of the moment selection.  It is “distressed antique nickel.”  It is darkened and dented and looks as if someone spent time beating it with a chain.  And we’re paying for this?

452 distressed antique nickel - Door Hardware?  Check

So, there you go.  We can check that one off of the list and move on to, hmmmmmm, countertops, door styles, floor finish, room colors, baluster styles, etc.

Take care.

We have not been paid or compensated in any way to mention the products in this blog.




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    Wow, Your down sizing is still twice the size of my house, I live downtown also and love it, downtown Orlando. It is so close to all of the happenings and there is always something going on close by. It is tough to live in a historic district especially if you have to paint, but it looks like you are all brick. I am sue your new light will pass inspection, it looks like it was original with the house.