Same Same but Different

Author:  Autumn

Whoops!  I did it again!  I stole borrowed an idea from a catalog.  The last time I did this, shown here, I borrowed an idea from Ballard’s and created these adorable framed black and white French photos from my bicycle trip there last year.  They will have a prominent place on the shelves of our wet bar when we move into our new digs.

Saturday night I tucked myself in with Restoration Hardware’s latest catalog.  It appears that when you buy a new place, the word gets out quickly because we have received promotional materials and encouraging discounts from Land’s End, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and now R.H.  I was curious to look at this particular catalog because my nephew, who plays in the NBA, was traded to Houston this year, and he and his new wife decorated their home with Restoration Hardware’s furniture.  (I haven’t seen it yet, but she has great taste, so, I am sure it is perfect!)

Anyway, back to my latest crime craft.  Hanging over the headboard in one of the catalog’s bedrooms were three 18 x 18 inch framed keys, and a light bulb went off in my head.   The keys appear to be brass, and they are  highlighted with off-white matting in a black frame.  And here is the kicker – They are $199. each.  EACH!

Key Art


This winter when we were packing to move, I found two adorable brass keys in an antique mahogany secretary that was given to us after Mr. Autumn’s aunt died years ago.  The desk was not making the move with us because we really don’t have a place for it in our new townhouse.  But, I took the keys and hung them on a black satin ribbon to wear as a cute necklace.  I actually received quite a few compliments.



I knew those two keys would work to get a similar look to the ones in the book.  So, the next day I grabbed my Michael’s coupons and went shopping.  I bought a package of three  8 x 10 shadow boxes, two black matts edged in white, two pieces of embossed scrap book paper, and a tube of super glue.  Since all of our belongings are in storage during our remodeling, I don’t even have a glue gun here at the rental, which explains why I had to buy the super glue.


When I returned home, I cleaned the keys a little.  I liked the patina and didn’t want to make them look too perfect.


I then cut the embossed paper to the size of the matt so it could be the background.  I placed a few drops of glue on the first key in two places, gently centered it onto the paper, and held it down for about 30 seconds.  After cleaning the glass front, I assembled the layers, and there it was.  My version of their artwork.


I followed the same procedure for key number two, and it looked just as nice.I propped them up together against the sofa in our rental just to take a photo.  (Excuse the glare from the glass reflection).   I am not sure which room they will live in when we move.  I have lots of choices since we are dealing with a new blank slate.  Also, if necessary, I can always paint the frames a color that will work better.  But till then, I am proud of my little craft that is the same, same, but different from my last craft.  (By the way, “Same, same but different is a common phrase used by the shop owners in Laos and Cambodia when they want to sell you something, but they don’t have exactly what you want.)


Take care.

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    This is so great! I have a whole box of skeleton keys that I’ve used for different projects and I’m doing my living/dining room with black and white accents — this will be perfect for one of the ‘blank’ spots! Thanks for sharing!