Espaliered Trees

Author:  Autumn

I have always enjoyed the look of espaliered trees, and the fruit they bare is not so bad either.  When we bought our townhouse, with its great brick courtyard, I was thrilled to see it already had one espaliered tree growing up the brick wall.  However, it was winter, snowy and cold, and I couldn’t really inspect it too much.

The practice of espalier was started in Europe in the sixteenth century. It is a great way to grow fruit trees, or other trees for that matter, when you don’t have a lot of space.  While bicycling in England, France, Belgium and The Netherlands, we have seen lots of these trees trained in different shapes and growing on different types of materials – wood, bricks, blocks, and stones.

The man we purchased our place from had owned it for five years, but he has houses all over the world and therefore, didn’t really spend time there tending to the plants.  They were in much need of TLC.  My first plan is to remove the weeds, see what is worthy of keeping, and then give the plants we keep a major feeding.  Meanwhile, look at these beautiful espaliered trees I found during my research.


Espalier2 - Espaliered Trees

A line of magnolias like this one would work along the back of a lawn as a privacy screen.  This proves that not all espaliered trees need to bare fruit.

espalier fruit tree - Espaliered Trees

This is very similar to the one living in our courtyard except our walls are brick, rather than block.

atla 072408 espalier - Espaliered Trees

Although this look would work well along a driveway, I am not too fond of it.

espalier shape

This almost looks like a labyrinth.

Do you have a place in your lawn that could handle an espaliered tree?  Maybe it is a challenge you would like to take on this year.

Take care.

Images from UBC Botanical Gardens and




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    I love espaliered trees too. I ill put that on my gardening to do list.
    I have just the perfect spot too!

    I just gave you two a blog award this morning on my blog.
    It will send traffic your way! Please copy the image and pass
    it on. Thanks!

    Have a lovely Wednesday!

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      Hi Alison,
      Janette here, but I think Jordan’s picture is going to show up. Thanks so much for the award. We will definitely pass it on.

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    I could see a line of those magnolias being absolutely stunning! It’s such a great idea for narrow lots where you get both the beauty of the tree, and the use of your yard for other pursuits. Thanks for sharing.