Vintage Bar Makeover

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Craigslist –  you have to love it.   You can find anything for any price, even free, on that popular site.  We all know that one person’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Craigslist has even become so popular that they made a documentary about it called “24 hours on Craigslist.”   I discovered Craigslist back when I was living in San Francisco, and Craig lived in my neighborhood.  I became hooked after I used it the first time. There were three of us living in a picturesque apartment, and since we were all fresh out of college, most of our furniture came from Craigslist.  When I later moved to Hawaii, I found an apartment and instant roommates through Craigslist.  I have used this wonderful website every place I have lived, have met the most interesting people through it,and have come up with great treasures.

My most recent find was a vintage bar I bought from a girl here in Syracuse.  It had belonged to her grandmother who once loved to entertain, but she no longer had a need for it.  As soon as I saw it, I was sold. And 25 dollars later, it was sitting in my house waiting for a makeover.


The bar had a really bad 70’s faux aged paint job on it and some glue-on decals.


The top showed some wear and tear.


When it is open, there are places for wine and martini glasses.


Today’s glasses are much bigger than those from the  50’s, so, I had to take out the shelf to make more room.


The first thing I did was give it a good cleaning followed by roughing up the old paint.  Here you can see I started sanding the right side.


I think Rustoleum makes a good product.  I decided to use it  even though the bar will be indoors.  I chose a semi-gloss black enamel.


Pier 1, a store I often forget to go to, had these adorable green glass knobs.  The green fits right in with the lamp we did here that is sitting on top of another revamped piece of dining room furniture you can see here.



Finally, we have a grown up bar that will encourage guests to hang out in rooms, other than our kitchen.  I might add our monogram (read about it here) to the front doors of the bar in the future, but we want to live with it plain for a while.The ice bucket and shaker were wedding gifts, and I bought the inexpensive tray at Target and spray painted it.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the way this vintage piece turned out.  We hope to give it many more years of use.


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    Terrific transformation! It looks so much better! I love shopping Craigslist, too. With you in Syracuse, we’re practically neighbors(we’re in Binghamton). Small world. Thanks for sharing.

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    I love it in black. I am a huge thrifter but have never shopped Craigslist. Which is probably okay as I get into enough trouble. I love the idea of your mother/daughter blog. hugs♥olive

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    Great eye to see the potential in the cabinet. I should use Craigslist more often.
    It turned out great and I like the idea of the monogram on it.
    Thanks for visiting me today!