Go Dutch, Part 2

Author:  Autumn

Join me for another look at some of the charming Dutch homes and scenery that make the word charming have a whole new meaning.  Last week I posted a series of photos and had more to publish, but Jordan convinced me that there were way too many for one day.   So, lucky for us, we get to have a sequel, a part 2, a post script, an addendum.

Enjoy photos from my favorite country in the world, my little piece of paradise – Holland.


It’s surprising how close the canals are to some of the homes.

Isn’t this a cute little path leading up to the door?

Several houses often share one driveway.

Who would have the nerve to eat this beauty?

This cafe offers a pretty sitting area to lure its customers in, and it worked!

They have lots of modern windmills, too.